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Chat21-web-widget is a Free Live Chat Widget built on Firebase with Angular5 that lets you support and chat with visitors and customers on your website. More information about web widget here :


With Chat21-web-widget you can:

  • Invite your website visitors to share feedback and suggestions to better understand their needs.
  • Answer questions from website visitors instantly to increase trust
  • Add a code snippet to your website easly
  • It's a HTML5 widget built with Google Firebase, Angular5 and Bootstrap


  • Send a direct message to a preset user
  • Receive realtime support from your team
  • Form to enter the chat sentiment
  • Configure the widget with company logo and colors
  • Chat21 Web Widget is free and open source.


  • Install Git
  • Install Angular CLI with npm install -g @angular/cli. More info here
  • Create a Firebase project. Create one free on
  • "Chat21 Firebase cloud functions" installed. Instructions:


  • Clone the repository from master (or use a tagged release) with command: git clone <YOUR_PATH>
  • Move to the downloaded project path cd <YOUR_PATH>
  • Build running: npm install

Dev configuration

Configure the environment.ts file in src/environments/. Use the Firebase configuration file from your Firebase project to correctly configure the 'firebase' section.


export const environment = {
  production: true,
  version: require('../../package.json').version,
  remoteConfig: false, // for performance don't load settings from remote
  firebase: {
    apiKey: 'CHANGEIT',
    authDomain: 'CHANGEIT',
    databaseURL: 'CHANGEIT',
    projectId: 'CHANGEIT',
    storageBucket: 'CHANGEIT',
    messagingSenderId: 'CHANGEIT'
  apiUrl: 'https://<YOUR_TILEDESK_SERVER>/',
  tenant: 'tilechat',
  defaultLang : 'en',
  shemaVersion : '1'

RUN in dev

Run the app with ng serve

Prod configuration

For production installation, configure the file in src/environments/.

export const environment = {
  production: true,

Build for production

Run ng build to build the project. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. Use the -prod flag for a production build.

Build for production with : ng build --prod --base-href --output-hashing none


Deploy to a Web Server

Copy the content of the dist folder to your Web Server (for example Apache or Nginx)

Development server

Run ng serve for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.

Widget in action

You can see a configuration of this widget in action on ''


Deploy to a web Server

Copy the content of the dist folder to your Web Server (for example Apache or Nginx)

Deploy to AWS S3 (Optional)

Run : aws s3 sync . s3://tiledesk-widget

Or With a different AWS Profile:

Run : aws --profile f21 s3 sync . s3://tiledesk-widget

If you use AWS Cloud Front enable gzip compression.

Run with docker

To run Chat21-ionic on port 8080 run:

curl --output .env

nano .env #configure .env file properly

docker run -p 4200:80 --env-file .env chat21/chat21-web-widget

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