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🚀 Do you want to install Tiledesk on your server with just one click?

Use Docker Compose Tiledesk installation guide

Chat21-web-widget is a Free Live Chat Widget built on Firebase with Angular5 that lets you support and chat with visitors and customers on your website. More information about web widget here :


With Chat21-web-widget you can:

  • Invite your website visitors to share feedback and suggestions to better understand their needs.
  • Answer questions from website visitors instantly to increase trust
  • Add a code snippet to your website easly
  • It's a HTML5 widget built with Google Firebase, Angular5 and Bootstrap


  • Send a direct message to a preset user
  • Receive realtime support from your team
  • Form to enter the chat sentiment
  • Configure the widget with company logo and colors
  • Chat21 Web Widget is free and open source.


  • Install Git
  • Install Angular CLI with npm install -g @angular/cli. More info here
  • Create a Firebase project. Create one free on
  • "Chat21 Firebase cloud functions" installed. Instructions:

Run Tiledesk with Docker Compose

Do you want to install all the Tiledesk components on your server with just one click? Use Docker Compose Tiledesk installation guide


  • Clone the repository from master (or use a tagged release) with command: git clone <YOUR_PATH>
  • Move to the downloaded project path cd <YOUR_PATH>
  • Build running: npm install

Dev configuration

Configure the environment.ts file in src/environments/. Use the Firebase configuration file from your Firebase project to correctly configure the 'firebase' section.


export const environment = {
  production: true,
  version: require('../../package.json').version,
  remoteConfig: false, // for performance don't load settings from remote
  remoteConfigUrl: '/widget-config.json',
  loadRemoteTranslations: true,
  remoteTranslationsUrl: 'https://<YOUR_REMOTE_TRANSLATIONS_URL>/',
  chatEngine: "mqtt", // OR YOUR CUSTOM CHAT ENGINE
  updloaEngine: "native", // OR YOUR CUSTOM UPLOAD ENGINE
  firebaseConfig: {
    apiKey: '123ABC..',
    authDomain: '',
    databaseURL: '',
    projectId: 'XYZ',
    storageBucket: '',
    messagingSenderId: '123456',
    appId: "CHANGEIT",
    tenant: 'tilechat', 
  chat21Config: {
    appId: 'tilechat',
    MQTTendpoint: 'mqtt://<YOUR-MQTT-ENPOINT>',
    APIendpoint: 'http://<YOUR-MQTT-API-ENPOINT>'
  apiUrl: 'https://<YOUR-TILEDESK-API-URL>/',
  baseImageUrl: 'https://<YOUR-BASE-IMAGE-URL>/',
  defaultLang : 'en',
  storage_prefix : 'widget_sv5',
  authPersistence: 'LOCAL',
  supportMode: true,
  • logLevel: The Chat21-ionic supports 4 log levels. The order is as follows: Error < Warn < Info < Debug

  • fileUploadAccept: The Chat21-ionic allows you to manage the type of files that can be uploaded. By default, all file types are accepted.

RUN in dev

Run the app with ng serve

Prod configuration

For production installation, configure the file in src/environments/.

export const environment = {
  production: true,

Build for production

Run ng build to build the project. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. Use the -prod flag for a production build.

Build for production with : ng build --prod --base-href --output-hashing none


Deploy to a Web Server

Copy the content of the dist folder to your Web Server (for example Apache or Nginx)

Development server

Run ng serve for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.

Widget in action

You can see a configuration of this widget in action on ''


Deploy to a web Server

Copy the content of the dist folder to your Web Server (for example Apache or Nginx)

Deploy to AWS S3 (Optional)

Run : aws s3 sync . s3://tiledesk-widget

Or With a different AWS Profile:

Run : aws --profile f21 s3 sync . s3://tiledesk-widget

If you use AWS Cloud Front enable gzip compression.

Run with docker

To run Chat21-ionic on port 8080 run:

curl --output .env

nano .env #configure .env file properly

docker run -p 4200:80 --env-file .env chat21/chat21-web-widget