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Ledger Explorer for the Stellar Network πŸš€
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Stellar Explorer

Build Status

A ledger explorer for Stellar.

Public: Test: Local: http://localhost:3000



Resource URI
Operations /operations
Transactions /txs
Ledgers /ledgers
Payments /payments
Trades /trades
Effects /effects


Resource URI
Assets /assets
Anchors /anchors
Exchanges /exchanges
Inflation Pools /pools


Resource URI
by Federated address /account/stellar*


Resource URI
Balances Tab /account/stellar*
Payments Tab /account/stellar*
Offers Tab /account/stellar*
Trades Tab /account/stellar*
Effects Tab /account/stellar*
Operations Tab /account/stellar*
Transactions Tab /account/stellar*
Signing Tab /account/stellar*
Flags Tab /account/stellar*
Data Tab /account/stellar*


Resource URI
Federated address /search/steexp*
Ledger /search/10000000
Transaction /search/26a568681712a44a515b2c90dcfaadb3ed2c40dc60254638407937bee4767071
Asset Code /search/NGN
Anchor Name /search/ripplefox
Anchor Name (Partial) /search/fox


Resource URI
Transaction /tx/26a568681712a44a515b2c90dcfaadb3ed2c40dc60254638407937bee4767071
Ledger /ledger/10000000
Anchor /anchor/
Asset /asset/NGN

Exploring Private / Local Development Networks

steexp will connect to a local horizon instance at http://localhost:8000 by default. If your running a local private network for development this is quite handy for browsing your changes to the ledger.

Alternatively you can run locally connecting to the testnet or public network horizon instances. To do this define these aliases to localhost:  testnet.local     # for steexp use testnet horizon  publicnet.local   # for steexp use mainnet horizon

Navigate to http://testnet.local:3000 or http://publicnet.local:3000 to select the network your interesting in exploring.


See the section Exploring Private / Local Development Networks for connecting to different backend networks. By default steexp will look for a local instance of horizon.


npm i && npm start


npm i && npm test


npm i && npm run build


Use the language selector in the top right corner to change the language.

Translation files are here:

Submit pull requests with new languages or languages fixes there.

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