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_howto delete old file
_sql_upgrades Chg: Rename __upgrades/ and __utilities/ directories.
_sql_utilities Add: View with all deleted records.
config Fix: Photo up- and download is working now.
hybridauth - Chg: HybridAuth version 2.1.0
icons update
include bugfix #159
js Add: New version of jQuery and dataTables.
lib Chg: Move gettext and identicons to lib/ the folder.
register - Add: Three new columns on user table.
signin - Fix: Improved integration with UserCake.
skins - Fix: Add retina resolution images.
test Fix: Broken access in z-push to $usertable.
translations - Chg: Update translations from…
utils - Fix: Build tool to new github SVN path
z-push - Chg: Set every vCal entry "Class:Private" to hide in shared Outlook
.travis.yml Chg: Trigger next build
_LICENSE.txt - Fix: "$read_only" config.php option works again.
_RELEASE.txt update
addressbook.sql Add: Middlename field (thanks to zwerver).
b64img.php - Fix: e-Mail addresses as images.
birthdays.php - Fix: Age display works again
csv.php Fix: Error in .csv export (wrong resolved birthday).
delete.php - Add: Temporal history handling.
diag.php - Fix: Security flaw.
doodle.php - Fix: Remove Doodle-Key.
edit.php Chg: Add newline for midname format fix.
email_in.php Chg: Add acceptance list for incoming mails to be parsed.
export.php Add: Middlename field (thanks to zwerver).
group.php - Chg: Remove "Secondary" from view.php section
header.jpg - New images added.
import.php Add: Middlename field (thanks to zwerver).
import_sample.csv - Fix: Improve some performance issues.
index.html - "index.html" added to avoid access to directory.
index.json.php - Add: JSON-Query interface.
index.php - Chg: Set every vCal entry "Class:Private" to hide in shared Outlook
iphone.css Added css to iphone.css
map.php Add: Middlename field (thanks to zwerver).
notes.htm changed content and layout
photo.php - Chg: Version 8.1.12
preferences.php - Add: HybridAuth
readme.txt update
style.css - Add: Translations for new headers.
title.gif - Initial version 3.1.6 added
title.png - New images added.
title_x2.png - Fix: Add retina resolution images.
title_x4.png - Fix: Add retina resolution images.
translate.php - Chg: Split translation helpers.
translate_inc_to_po.php - Chg: Split translation helpers.
vcard.php - Add: User management in database.
view.php Add: Middlename field (thanks to zwerver).


PHP Address Book

in the folder _howto, find the "_USER_GUIDE.pdf" for further information about:
* Installations
* Upgrades
* User setup
* Smartphone integration
* Export / Import
* Language support
* ... and much more


(c)AGPL by chatelao 2007-2015
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