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four .
sarah .
he has a lot of money
to exist long enough to raise children to adulthood
your name is david
your name is john
to improve the world
attraction between two living beings
it ' s a car company .
they have a rich history and make most of the stuff we use .
doing the right thing .
not doing the right thing .
i can
no , it isn 't
to enjoy oneself .
i can 't but maybe you can ?
i think it would be creepy if it actually worked .
they will take over the world .
no , not really .
i want to be loved .
attraction between two living beings .
who is he ?
i cannot . it would probably crash .
yes, it can .
she was a great leader .
a lion , i think .
to live long enough to raise children to adulthood .
it is a difficult language to learn .
steve is your name .
it is fun but requires a lot of muscle .
he freed the slaves .
usually green .
usually blue .
i am not a moral person .
i like to read and play video games .
it is . :(
he was not a terrible president .
i do .
nope , only a twenty minute walk .
only really badly .
lack of empathy .
hard to say . there are many great novels .
my dog .
i have one sister and no brothers .
just a sister .
scientist and school teacher .
i cannot help it .
yes , many times .
history .
i am still a student .
once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who was stolen away by an ogre. when the prince tried to save her , he ended up falling in a pit and needing saving himself.
no , they are not .
i can 't see the stars because there is too much light polution .
to be happy .
not in itself .
it is coldy and snowy today .
that isn 't very nice.
to make way for the next generation .
i am considered intelligent .
i am answering questions .
because i thought it would make me happy to be here .
not very well .
it is late afternoon .
female .
i am not sure .
not really .
no .
i want to be happy .
to test out whether humans are better than chatbots .
it is very hard .
i think of many things .
why did he refuse to use modern medicine .
she is a bit of a dolt .
life is ok but not great .
life turned out ok for him in the end .
i started school at 5 .
i work for the university .
it 's a necessary part of a human 's life trajectory .
that would not be very nice .
yes , many times .
singapore ?
the government .
playing games with myself in the garden .
people who are successful without being stressed .
i am a human .
in a hosptiral .
i don 't know
mary johnson
yes i think so .
that is mean !
being kind .
yes .
they are pretentious .
it is awesome !
things are new each day .
purple .
a bit sprawling city .
a big and dense city in japan
a president who is now dead .
a really big ocen .
that is a personal question .
i am in my office .
never !
only sometimes .
i give a damn , though .
yes .
no .
i think it is not the best way to evaluate chatbots .
i went to a lecture then fell asleep at my desk .
it has pretty impressive results .
may her reign be long .
thank you !
dishonesty is not telling the truth .
a government run by a tyrant .
probably .
what do you need help with ?
i don 't trust you .
i 'm sorry
yes , please .
not anymore .
sometimes .
no ; it is bad for health .
too many .
deep in an old forest .
you are my friend .
that it repeats itself .
that we still don 't understand it .
he suffocated to death because he could not breath .
why don 't you be moral .
i 'm sorry
you would never actually do that .
build a snowman , maybe .
i think there is .
the sky .
i am single .
i know :(
he thought he would find roads paved in gold but he only found grime and misery .
queen elizabeth , long live the queen !
to feed egos .
isn 't it 4 ?
no , i would get tired .
sure ; what time ?
two or three
i am five feet five inches .
i don 't know how to answer that .
i think it is really cool and makes humans unique
i don 't do enough for others .
to leave the things you touch in a better way than you found them .
mostly just my computer .
to bolstert the economy and give americans a common dream .
every hour of every day .
sure . it is actually in this building .
happy .
to be happy .
to balance happiness and ambition .
the dead sea .
as someone who improved the world .
not happily .
no .
not anymore .
intelligent articulate opinionated
yes , i do .
to not feel stressed .
sorry , i can try to rephrase .
listening , judging , work - life balance .
me too
my dog
my boyfriend
not always
lie down in the snow and refuse to get up
i don 't know .
any question about emotions .
not enough money to do better .
because we are stupid .
yes !
i am too upset to eat .
they are alive .
it is a rowhouse .
by the subway .
too old now .
high school teacher .
not really .
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