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Chatie Documentations

We are using GitBook v3(currently)

Directory Structure

We use different branch to support multi language:

  • master: English version
  • zh: Chinise version

If you want to contribute to English version code, you can pull request to master branch.

If you want to contribute to Chinese version code, you can pull request to zh branch.

Welcome to contribute

Why contribute?

As an open source product, Chatie thrives from contributions of community members. Whatever your skill set is, there is a lot you can do to help us make Chatie better! So start forking!

At the same time, we also meet up offline all over the world, here is some activites:

How to contribute docs?

  • Fork this repo
  • Checkout to the right branch
    • English version: git checkout master
    • Chinese version: git checkout zh
  • Create your doc branch: git checkout -b doc
  • Write this doc in markdown
  • Commit your changes git commit -am 'doc comment'
  • Push to the branch
  • Create new Pull Request to the corresponding branch
    • English version: pull request to master branch
    • Chinese version: pull request to zh branch

More Contribution:

See more in:

Contact to learn more

Contributors List

Markdown Linting Rules

Markdown Linting Rules Documents