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ChatShipper Node.js SDK
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ChipChat is the ChatShipper Node.js SDK that helps you manage ChatShipper resources and build chat bots. This library provides convenient access to the ChatShipper API from applications written in server-side JavaScript.


Install the package with:

  $ npm install chipchat --save


The package needs to be configured with your account's API token which is available in your ChatShipper Dashboard.

'use strict';

const ChipChat = require('chipchat');

// Create a new bot instance
const bot = new ChipChat({
    token: process.env.TOKEN

// Use any REST resource
bot.users.get(bot.auth.user).then((botUser) => {
    console.log(`Hello ${}`);

// Listen to some resource events
bot.on('user.login', (payload) => {
bot.on('organization.create', (payload) => {
    console.log('Organization created', payload.activity.summary);

// Accept all bot notifications
bot.on('notify', (message, conversation) => conversation.accept());

// Echo all messages as text
bot.on('message', (message, conversation) => conversation.say(`Echo: ${message.text}`));

// Subscribe using wildcards, respond to consumer
bot.on('message.*.contact.*', (message, conversation) => {
    conversation.say({ text: '👍', role: 'agent' });

// Listen to utterances
bot.onText(['hi', /hello/], (_, conversation) => conversation.reply('Hey there'));

// Start Express.js webhook server to start listening

See Quickstart to get started.


  • Full ChatShipper API v2 support
  • Start conversations, ask questions and save important information in the context of the conversation.
  • Organize your code in modules and middleware.
  • Subscribe to events.
  • http/https/express.js compatible webhooks
  • Easy to extend

API Resources

All organization resources available through the API can be accessed by the SDK: users, channels, contacts, conversations, messages, organizations, orggroups, services, forms, workflows, kbases, kbitems, articles and files.

Each resource has the methods list,get,create,update and delete available to it. See REST API for more information.

Receiving Events

You can subscribe to any webhook callback events received by the webhook with the bot.on() method. See our webhooks guide for a full list of possible events.

See Events for more information on event subsriptions; read Ingesting Events to see how to process payloads from webhooks and other sources.

Sending Messages

A conversation context encapsulates all properties of a ChatShipper conversation, augmented with message sending methods.

See Conversations for more information.

Extending ChipChat


Mixins can be used to augment bot instances with your own functions.


Modules are simple functions that you can use to organize your code in different files and folders.


Middlewares are functions that perform tasks before and after an operation (that call an API endpoint).

See Extending for more information.


For examples see the examples folder. To try any of the examples:

Configure environment:

export APIHOST=
export TOKEN=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6I...

Then, try any of the examples:

cd examples
node example.js


See the ChatShipper Developer Hub for full platform documentation.

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