A Slackbot that works with the Presense apps for iOS and Android
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PreSense Bot

The PreSense Bot is a Slack bot that works together with Estimote beacons and the PreSense iOS and Android apps.

iOS: https://github.com/chaychoong/PreSense

Android: https://github.com/jang93/PreSense_Android


To deploy this on your Slack team, you must first add a Bot to your Slack and set up a Heroku account. You will also need some Estimote beacons! To use the bot most effectively, you will need our iOS or Android app linked above.

Installation instructions

  • Click on your team name on the Slack web interface and select Apps & integrations. Alternatively, you can use this URL: https://slack.com/apps

  • Search for "Bots" using the search bar and select the first option with the description "Connect a bot to the Slack Real Time Messaging API"

  • Click on Install under your team name.

  • Choose a username for your bot and select Add Bot Integration.

  • Jot down the API Token generated. We will need this later.

  • You can choose to customize the icon for the bot and add a name and description. Once you are done, hit Save Integration.

  • Click on this button: Deploy

  • You will need a Heroku account to deploy the app. If you already have a Heroku account, log in at the bottom of the page.

  • Once you have created an account, hit back and log in!

  • Give your app a name. I know it says Optional, but you will need this for your configuration.

  • Under Config Variables, insert your API Token under HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN and set the HEROKU_URL to https://[App Name].herokuapp.com/

  • Hit Deploy for Free and you are done!

Running the bot

Use this URL on your PreSense app: https://[heroku app name].herokuapp.com/hubot/notify/general

The bot listens to only one command: where is [name]. The bot will reply "[name] is available", "[name] is busy" or "[name] is not found", depending on the status of the username.

You can give the bot the "where is [name]" command by dropping it a Direct Message, or invite the bot into any Slack channel and tag it in your message, eg. "@botname: where is [name]"