Drafting exercises in SVG and XQuery
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XQuery SVG Examples

This project is a collection of XQuery programs that generate SVG documents.


© 2012 Charles Dietrich

Released under the MIT license


The programs here are designed for a high school drafting class with access to a laser cutter or computerized paper cutter.

The intent is to teach programming. The students start by learning the basics of the SVG standard and simple for loops in XQuery. They progress to developing a more complex program to design a lampshade.

The course is project based.


  • Project 1 "Name": write your name in SVG without using the <text> element. Use a for loop to generate a repeated pattern. Use template.xq to start. Example program charles.xq.

  • Project 2 "Lamp": approximate a non-developable surface (e.g. a sphere) using interlocking pieces of flexible material. Example (advanced, in progress): cone-sphere.xq

Possible additional projects:

  • "Visualization": create a visualization that ingests XML data and outputs an SVG.

Software required

  • XQuery editor (suggested): 28msec Sausalito (all platforms). This is an Eclipse-based editor that includes the Zorba XQuery processor.
  • SVG-capable browser: Google Chrome, etc.
  • SVG editor: Inkscape, svg-edit (browser-based), etc.
  • SVG->cutter converter: a converter that can convert SVG to a format the laser cutter or computerized paper cutter can use, e.g. Inkscape, Corel Draw, etc.

Students should use the included svg-utils.xq, a library for generating SVG transform and path microsyntax.