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# Use this file with GNU make to compile and package VimCoder.
# Supported targets: all clean distclean dist fetch jar
project = VimCoder
version = 0.3.6
sources = $(wildcard src/com/dogcows/*.java)
classes = $(sources:src/
library = lib/ContestApplet.jar
jarfile = $(project)-$(version).jar
resource_path = com/dogcows/resources
resources = $(wildcard src/$(resource_path)/*)
JAVAC = javac
JAVACFLAGS = -d . -sourcepath src -classpath $(library)
PROVE = prove
all: $(classes) $(resources:src/%=%)
rm -rf com
distclean: clean
rm -rf lib
git archive HEAD --prefix=vimcoder-$(version)/ | bzip2 >vimcoder-$(version).tar.bz2
fetch: $(library)
jar: $(jarfile)
test: all
$(classes): $(sources) | $(library)
mkdir -p "$@"
$(resource_path)/%: src/$(resource_path)/% | $(resource_path)
cp "$<" "$@"
mkdir -p lib
curl -o $@
$(jarfile): all
rm -f $@
jar cvf $@ COPYING com
.PHONY: all clean distclean dist fetch jar test
# vim:noet:ts=8