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modern version of the arcade classic Asteroids
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Asteroid (just one!) is a modern version of the arcade classic Asteroids, using OpenGL, GLUT, and optionally GTK and SDL_mixer. It features a variety of powerups, taunting aliens, 3D textured asteroids, face-melting sound effects, and infinite playability.


Use the left and right arrows to turn the ship, x to accelerate, and z to shoot. Pressing p will pause the game, f toggles fullscreen mode, and m mutes and unmutes the audio. There's also a right-click menu if you forget anything.


I'm not going to explain how to play Asteroids. I will mention that the wireframe octahedra that sometimes drift across the screen are powerups. To collect the powerups, run over them; or you can shoot them for bonus points (if you don't want the benefit of the powerup). You'll have to play the game to figure out the different powerup types.


At this point, I really am pretty much done programming this game. It's got all the features a good Asteroids clone needs, and a few extraneous ones to boot. I'll probably only update the game if any bugs come to my attention (so it's your job to notify me ( if you find any). I mean, what more could you want from an Asteroids clone?

What more you could want from an Asteroids clone

Ideas for improvement: more powerups (homing shots? Repulsor? Time-pause?), bonus levels (asteroid sloloms? Time-trials? A few free point-amassing seconds? Kill the aliens?), and some kind of statistical analysis (accuracy? Powerups used? Aliens killed? Breakdown of points from each object?). Props to Eric Davis for coming up with most of these ideas.


Asteroid is copyright (C) 2003, 2005, 2012, 2013 Charles Lindsay, and is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. As such, it comes with absolutely no warranty of any kind, whatsoever. See COPYING for details. Asteroids is originally copyright (C) 1979 Atari, Inc.


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