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Share Your C-CDA with the SMART Community

Sample CCDA Documents

(Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture)


This is a repository to collect Sample CCDA Documents. (No protected health information.)


Lots of people will be implementing CCDA very soon; many have already started. But there are big questions about how to do what, and while an excellent implementation guide is a must, examples matter too. The community would benefit immensely from a public collection of examples that can be:

  • dissected,
  • discussed, and
  • corrected over time.

The goals are to provide:

  • examples for the developer community
  • a platform to identify and correct implementation errors
  • a public arena to identify areas of ambiguity and variability

Why not?

If there are barriers (organizational, technical, cultural, or otherwise), can we break them down? Discuss.


All comers welcome! To contribute samples, just:

  1. Fork this repository to your GitHub account
  2. Add an example file
  3. Issue a GitHub "Pull request"

... or just share by e-mail with joshua dot mandel at

Fine print

Sample documents should be available under an open license and should not involve PHI. Ideally these documents would represent actual output of real export pipelines.