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Vidu Glöck vidugloeck

@eyeem Berlin, Germany

Victoria learnereverlast
Begin making your impact today by joining an industry-leading cybersecurity tech company!

Chengbao Hong Kong

Davide Casarin FWDavide

Future Workshops LTD Barcelona

Dmitriy Dmitriy-Vas
#Go #TypeScript #Java | Discord: Dmitriy#0325


Rafael Miranda Durante rafaelmdurante
Junior Developer constantly learning: Angular • AWS • Java • JavaScript • Rails

Deloitte Portugal

RAVI MISHRA erravimishracse
IT Analyst | Full-stack Web Developer | Digital Transformation IT

@ITCorporate Sector India

Ștefan Popa stefanpopa

Chișinău, Moldova

Andreas Osberghaus mrgrauel
Loves to code in Swift. Drops weights as loud as possible #CrossFit

@WetterOnline Bonn, Germany

Satoshi Namai ainame
A mobile and backend engineer. I like Swift, Ruby, AWS's tech and Emacs.

@cookpad Bristol UK

Maximilian Götzfried mxgzf
Freelance developer for Apple platforms. Happy to dive into complex challenges and write code that is easy to read, easy to test and easy to delete. (he/him)


HarshM. ham118
Information Technology and Software Professional


肖威(xiaowei) xiaoweiruby
才华横溢科技创始人兼首席执行官。 创建 。 微信 xiaoweiruby。

才华横溢科技(北京)有限责任公司 beijing,China

Bater.Makhabel batermj
Engineer/Researcher/Published Author/Writer,


Soumin Soumin

Santa Clara, California, USA

0.01x Engineer. The (Myspace) Tom of GitHub. 11% of pre-tax income to effective altruism charities.

@pinterest (formerly @Yelp) I love San Francisco

Eugen Pirogoff eugenpirogoff
Proud husband and father. Interested in creating in general. Plastic, metal, wood or code. Mostly writing Swift for iOS.


William Ju williamjudev
I love mobile developmemt

Los Angeles

红纸 nianran
let me = "iOS Developer"


🚀 iOS Developer
Bernd Rabe HHuckebein

RABE_IT Services Germany


Orlando, FL

Angus H. angusshire

UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA


Shenzhen, MainlandChina

Yao yaohongbin2007

southeast university jianshu nanjing

Boris Bügling neonichu
Et tu, sabes?

@Apple San Francisco, USA

Christos Vasilakis cvasilak

ARM Ltd. Cambridge, UK

Markos qnoid
The human behind @windmill-io. Previously Head of Mobile @SoldoApp.

Athens, Greece

Chris Ballinger chrisballinger

@ChatSecure Berkeley, CA

Marcus Kida kimar
Freelance iOS Developer and CTO-as-a-Service @Bearologics 👉 I'm solving problems through code. Want to build a PoC for your startup? Get in touch

@Bearologics Berlin, Germany

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