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Steps to bootstrap the TeX-ification of Microsoft Word documents:

  1. Install from source (best option, at the moment):

     git clone git://
     cd docx-tex
     python install

You should have the main CLI script, xdoc, on your PATH.

  1. Use Word to convert from .doc to .docx, if the document is not already a .docx.

  2. To run it, go and find your docx file.

     xdoc original.docx converted.tex
  3. As required, the script may also output a converted.bib in the same location as converted.tex.


It's rough, and still needs a lot of work, but it's better than copy & pasting.

The output presumes that natbib and amssym and friends are within reach.



  • Shrink whitespace out of spans (non-greedy)
    • E.g., \emph{framework }that we should be \emph{framework} that we
  • Cannot have math environments inside a naked sub/superscript.
  • Handle styles in footnotes without breaking the footnote due to unstyled whitespace
  • Read tabs that are surrounded by text at least as single spaces.


Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Christopher Brown. MIT Licensed.


Developed while typesetting for Semantics and Pragmatics (