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kodiak CircleCI

A GitHub bot to automatically update and merge GitHub PRs

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Automate your GitHub Pull Requests

  • Auto Update โ€“ Keep your PRs up to date with master automatically
  • Auto Merge โ€“ Add the automerge label to auto merge once CI and Approvals pass.
  • Bot Collaboration โ€“ Combine Kodiak with a dependency bot (dependabot, snyk, to automate updating of dependencies

And more! Checkout the Kodiak docs to get started automating your GitHub PRs.


Kodiak is available through the GitHub Marketplace.


If you'd rather run Kodiak yourself, check out the self hosting page in our docs.

View activity via the dashboard at


kodiak pull request flow

Kodiak automatically updates branches, merges PRs and more!


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๐Ÿ’ธ Sponsoring

Using Kodiak for your commercial project?

Support Kodiak with GitHub Sponsors to help cover server costs and support development.


Feel free to file feature requests, bug reports, help requests through the issue tracker.

If you'd like to add a feature, fix a bug, update the docs, etc, take a peek at our contributing guide.

Project Layout

This repository contains multiple services that make up Kodiak. The GitHub App which receives webhook events from GitHub and operates of pull requests is stored at bot/. The web API powering the Kodiak dashboard (WIP) is stored at web_api/ and the Kodiak dashboard frontend (WIP) that talks to the web api is stored at web_ui/.