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from __future__ import annotations
from enum import Enum
from typing import List, Optional, Union
import toml
from pydantic import BaseModel, ValidationError, validator
from typing_extensions import Literal
class MergeMethod(str, Enum):
merge = "merge"
squash = "squash"
rebase = "rebase"
rebase_fast_forward = "rebase_fast_forward"
class MergeTitleStyle(Enum):
github_default = "github_default"
pull_request_title = "pull_request_title"
class MergeBodyStyle(Enum):
github_default = "github_default"
pull_request_body = "pull_request_body"
empty = "empty"
class BodyText(Enum):
plain_text = "plain_text"
markdown = "markdown"
html = "html"
class MergeMessage(BaseModel):
title: MergeTitleStyle = MergeTitleStyle.github_default
body: MergeBodyStyle = MergeBodyStyle.github_default
include_pr_number: bool = True
body_type: BodyText = BodyText.markdown
strip_html_comments: bool = False
include_pull_request_author: bool = False
include_coauthors: bool = False
include_pull_request_url: bool = False
cut_body_before: str = ""
cut_body_after: str = ""
cut_body_and_text: bool = False
# this pattern indicates that the user has the field unset.
UNSET_TITLE_REGEX = ":::|||kodiak|||internal|||reserved|||:::"
class AutomergeDependencies(BaseModel):
versions: List[Literal["major", "minor", "patch"]] = []
usernames: List[str] = []
class Merge(BaseModel):
# label or labels to enable merging of pull request.
automerge_label: Union[str, List[str]] = "automerge"
automerge_dependencies: AutomergeDependencies = AutomergeDependencies()
# if disabled, kodiak won't require a label to queue a PR for merge
require_automerge_label: bool = True
# Show message when automerge label is missing on a PR
show_missing_automerge_label_message: bool = True
# regex to match against title and block merging. Set to empty string to
# disable check.
blacklist_title_regex: str = (
UNSET_TITLE_REGEX # deprecated for blocking_title_regex
blocking_title_regex: str = UNSET_TITLE_REGEX
# labels to block merging of pull request
blacklist_labels: List[str] = [] # deprecated for blocking_labels
blocking_labels: List[str] = []
# action to take when attempting to merge PR. An error will occur if method
# is disabled for repository
method: Optional[MergeMethod] = None
# delete branch when PR is merged
delete_branch_on_merge: bool = False
# this feature is flawed and cannot be fixed. see
# block merging if there are outstanding review requests
block_on_reviews_requested: bool = False
# block merging if there are neutral required check runs.
block_on_neutral_required_check_runs: bool = False
# comment on merge conflict and remove automerge label
notify_on_conflict: bool = True
# don't wait for status checks to run before updating branch
optimistic_updates: bool = True
# configuration for commit message of merge
message: MergeMessage = MergeMessage()
# status checks that we don't want to wait to complete when they are in a
# pending state. This is useful for checks that will complete in an
# indefinite amount of time, like the wip-app checks or status checks
# requiring manual approval.
dont_wait_on_status_checks: List[str] = []
# This setting only updates PRs that are passing passing all
# requirements or waiting for status checks to pass. `update.always = True`
# will deliver better behavior in many use cases.
# immediately update a PR whenever the target updates
update_branch_immediately: bool = False
# if a PR is passing all checks and is able to be merged, merge it without
# placing it in the queue. This will introduce some unfairness where those
# waiting in the queue the longest will not be served first.
prioritize_ready_to_merge: bool = False
# when applied to a PR, add the PR to the front of the merge queue.
priority_merge_label: Optional[str] = None
# never merge a PR. This can be used with merge.update_branch_immediately to
# automatically update a PR without merging.
do_not_merge: bool = False
class Update(BaseModel):
# update PR whenever the PR is out of date with the base branch. PR will be
# updated regardless of failing requirements for merge (e.g. failing status
# checks, missing reviews, blacklist labels). Kodiak will only update the PR
# if the automerge label is enabled or `update.require_automerge_label` is
# false.
always: bool = False
require_automerge_label: bool = True
autoupdate_label: Optional[str] = None
# Do not update PRs created by a listed user.
blacklist_usernames: List[str] = [] # deprecated for ignored_usernames
ignored_usernames: List[str] = []
class Approve(BaseModel):
# auto approve any PR created by a listed user.
auto_approve_usernames: List[str] = []
# auto approve any PR to which a listed label is assigned.
auto_approve_labels: List[str] = []
class InvalidVersion(ValueError):
class V1(BaseModel):
version: int
# _internal_ value to require a certain github app ID to process this repo.
# This is useful for development, so we can globally install the production
# kodiak, but also run the development version on a specific repo. By
# setting _app_id to the development github app ID, we can prevent the
# production kodiak instance from interfering.
app_id: Optional[str]
merge: Merge = Merge()
update: Update = Update()
approve: Approve = Approve()
# when added to a Pull Request Kodiak will be prevented from taking any action
# (approvals, updates, merges, comments, labels). Kodiak will still set
# status checks. A user should generally not need to change this label as it
# should rarely be applied.
disable_bot_label: str = "kodiak:disabled"
@validator("version", pre=True, always=True)
def correct_version(cls, v: int) -> int:
if v != 1:
raise InvalidVersion("Version must be `1`")
return v
def parse_toml(
cls, content: str
) -> Union[V1, toml.TomlDecodeError, ValidationError]:
return cls.parse_obj(toml.loads(content))
except (toml.TomlDecodeError, ValidationError) as e:
return e