Calculations backend for ShadowCraft, a WoW theorycraft project.
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ShadowCraft - Engine
This repository contains the calculations piece of ShadowCraft, a WoW 
theorycraft project.  Initially, this is focused on rogues (hence the name),
but the framework is designed such that if other classes wish to make use of it
in the future, they can do so in a sensible and reasonable way.  All rogue
specific functionality is currently contained in directories named "rogue" -
for instance, the objects/ directory contains objects of general use for 
theorycrafting calculations, while objects/rogue contains objects specifically
for use in rogue theorycraft.

If you would like to contribute to this project, either to add your own
calculations module (for rogues or otherwise) or to improve what's already here
(bugfixes, new features, etc.) by all means do so; however, I will be 
maintaining reasonably tight control over the architecture and *extremely*
tight control over my calculations module (currently located in 
calcs/rogue/Aldriana).  This doesn't mean you can't contribute stuff; it just
means that you should be aware that I may not accept your changes.

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, you can email me at aldriana at
elitistjerks dot com.  Additionally, if your question is of a more general 
nature, there is a discussion thread for this project on the EJ forums.

NOTE: Please read style.txt if you intend to submit code to this project.

  -- Aldriana
  Oct 28 2010