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Manage your Mumble/Murmur server via DBus and Ice in Ruby.
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Ruby Murmur Manager

This is a quick library and control script for managing a murmur daemon. It supports both DBus and ICE (though you should really use ICE).

Getting and installing

git clone git://
git submodule init
git submodule update


[server-id]                             List a server's config
[server-id] set [key] [val]             Set a server's config value
[server-id] start                       Start a server
[server-id] stop                        Stop a server
[server-id] destroy                     Permanently destroy a server
new                                     Create a new server
list                                    List existing servers

Example usage: Creating and configuring a new virtual server

# ./manager.rb list
Server ID       Running
---------       ------
1               true
2               true
# ./manager.rb new
Server created. New ID is 2
Server config:
allowhtml                               true
obfuscate                               false
certificate                             ...
port                                    64738
timeout                                 30
defaultchannel                          0
textmessagelength                       5000
username                                [-=\w\[\]\{\}\(\)\@\|\.]+
welcometext                             <br />Welcome to this server running <b>Murmur</b>.<br />Enjoy your stay!<br />
bonjour                                 true
certrequired                            false
channelname                             [ \-=\w\#\[\]\{\}\(\)\@\|]+
bandwidth                               72000
host                                    0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0
users                                   100
key                                     ...
# ./manager.rb list
Server ID       Running
---------       ------
1               true
2               true
3               false
# ./manager.rb 3 set port 54321
Server ID 3: port set to 612312
Server restarted
# ./manager.rb 3 set welcometext "Welcome to my Mumble server"
Server ID 3: welcometext set to Welcome to my Mumble server
Server restarted
# ./manager.rb 3 set superuser_password mynewpassword
Server ID 3: superuser_password set to mynewpassword
Server restarted
# ./manager.rb 3 start

Tada! A new virtual server has been spawned.

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