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ShadowCraft is a framework for rogue gear, talent, gem, reforge, enchant, glyph, and rotation optimization. The goal is to have a tool that can run as close to entirely clientside as possible. This project is the UI portion of this system. The current version of the backend engine resides at

Currently, ShadowCraft uses server-side Ruby for Armory/Wowhead data import and distilling into JS files for consumption by the client.

If you are interested in assisting with development on either the UI or engine, look at the Shadowcraft-VM project for easy startup.


Requires Ruby 1.9.2, Rails 3, Coffeescript (which means node.js), and MongoDB 1.6+, as well as a browser made this decade.

The engine requires Python 2.6 and a recent version of Twisted.

Installing it

git clone git://
cd shadowcraft-ui/
bundle install

Start it up (passenger, unicorn, thin, whatever your poison) and you're rolling. Sweet.

Initial data population

You'll want items in your database. Fortunately, that's easy.

rails console production
> Item.populate_gear
> Item.populate_gems
> Glyph.populate!
> Enchant.update_from_json!

Congrats. You now have ~2000 items and gems locally cached.



  • All client app updates are done in coffeescript, and make.watchr is used to compile them into concatenation.js.
  • Markup should validate as HTML5.
  • Javascript should be tested for workingness in Chrome, Firefox 3.6/4, Safari, and IE9.
  • Commits shall have useful (terse is okay) commit messages.
  • A test suite would be particularly welcome.

How To:

  • Clone this repository
  • Make your changes and publish to your own GitHub copy of the repository
  • Issue a pull request. More information with the pull request is more likely to end up with a merge.