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ShadowCraft is a framework for rogue gear, talent, gem, reforge, enchant, glyph, and rotation optimization. The goal is to have a tool that can run as close to entirely clientside as possible.

Currently, ShadowCraft uses server-side Ruby for Armory/Wowhead data import and distilling into JS files for consumption by the client.


Requires Ruby 1.9.2, Rails 3, Coffeescript (which means node.js), and MongoDB 1.6+, as well as a browser made this decade.

The engine requires Python 2.6 and a recent version of Twisted.

Installing it

git clone git://
cd shadowcraft-ui/
bundle install

Start it up (passenger, unicorn, thin, whatever your poison) and you're rolling. Sweet.

Initial data population

You'll want items in your database. Fortunately, that's easy.

rails console production
> Item.populate_gear
> Item.populate_gems
> Glyph.populate!
> Enchant.update_from_json!

Congrats. You now have ~2000 items and gems locally cached.



  • All client app updates are done in coffeescript, and make.watchr is used to compile them into concatenation.js.
  • Markup should validate as HTML5.
  • Javascript should be tested for workingness in Chrome, Firefox 3.6/4, Safari, and IE9.
  • Commits shall have useful (terse is okay) commit messages.
  • A test suite would be particularly welcome.

How To:

  • Clone this repository
  • Make your changes and publish to your own GitHub copy of the repository
  • Issue a pull request. More information with the pull request is more likely to end up with a merge.
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