Tarot is a quick, simple, and easy-to-use configuration library for Rails apps
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Tarot is a quick, simple, and useful configuration manager for Rails applications. It supports easy-to-use deeply-nested configuration trees, default values, and multiple environments. Tarot leverages YAML to enable DRY configurations, and features I18n-style access to subtrees.

Getting Started

Add Tarot to your gemfile:

gem "tarot"

Next, install the Tarot configuration:

bundle install
script/generate tarot

This installs config/tarot.yml (your primary configuration), and an initializer to help you get up and running quickly.


Tarot installs a helper method, config, with the following signature:

config(path, default = nil, override_environment = nil)

Assuming you have a config file like so:

base: &base
  foo: bar
    tree: value
    - value 1
    - value 2

development: &development
  <<: *base

test: &test
  <<: *base

production: &production
  <<: *base
  foo: baz

You could can access values by key, or by dot-delimited path:

config('foo') => 'bar'
config('nested.tree') => value

Default values are similarly easy.

config('foo.missing', 42) => 42

Finally, while Tarot will read your current application environment's config, if you want to reach into another environment, that's likewise easy:

config('foo', nil, 'production') => 'baz'

This lets you build out config files easily while sharing common configuration between environments.


Tarot was written by Chris Heald (cheald@gmail.com). See LICENSE for license details.