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ember-flash is a simple flash message widget that is used to alert a user. A message is simply given a type (notice, warning, error) and a message body and is pushed into a queue. Once the message becomes the queue's latest message it will display by animating a slide down pane from the top of the screen.

Please don't expect this to be an out of box experience, this is only an example, I'm positive stylesheets and animations will need to be changed to match your app needs. With that said, it should be fully working and operable for your EmberJS applications.

Side note: This is also a great example of how EmberJS can be used to build widgets for an already existing web application. The only prerequisite is EmberJS and jQuery.


  • Include all of the scripts under lib/.

  • Add the appropriate HTML and CSS, using the examples under share/.

  • Call the following when you are ready to flash a message to your users.

    Ember.flashQueue.pushFlash('notice', 'This is the message');
  • I prefer to map this to my application namespace, as a helper.
    App.setFlash = function(type, mesg) {
      Ember.flashQueue.pushFlash(type, mesg);


To run the QUnit tests headless you'll need PhantomJS installed. You can also open the test/index.html file in your web browser locally.

$ brew install phantomjs
$ cd test
$ phantomjs runner.js file:///Users/you/Somewhere/ember-flash/test/index.html


These people contributed and are awesome.


This part intentionally left blank.