Resources and tools for exploring the dynamic processes of fungal-tree relationships.
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Repository for Participants of Night of the Living Deadwood img_6025

Night of the Living Deadwood was a workshop at AND Festival 2015 led by microbiologists Dr Rod Dillon, Dr Viv Dillon and Dr Jackie Parry, based at Lancaster University, which forms part of an ongoing collaboration with Abandon Normal Devices to explore current concepts in the biological and biomedical sciences.

I was invited by Rod Dillon and AND to come along and explore the workshop and prototype something. I blogged about it here.


This is largely documentation and resources for future projects exploring the biological sciences from Organic Computation to developing genetic languages.

It's on github because Im interested in biological communication and computation and how maker/hack space cultures can influence these more gooey tiny cultures. I wonder about transferring tools from tech/software cultures in the biological science sphere: Imagining growing git in petri-dish repo's and sudo apt-get 'ing my own genetic mutation, muscular dystrophy


  • Images from the workshop in the Macro directory
  • Images fromt the Dino-Lite microscope viewer
  • How to import images into pocketmine Minecraft:Pocket Edition servers using ImageMagick in the command line and the pocketmine server plugin PaintMyLawn by the ever-awesome @shoghicp


Thanks to Rod Dillon, Viv and Jackie Parry


Wiki to follow



  • Pop-Up Minecraft:Pocket Edition server on Android phone with bacterial microscopy images turned into landscapes you can explore in-game while physically exploring a forest.
  • Slow - PacMan: using amoebas and other single/multicellular organisms to simulate classics from Game Culture