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Collaborative BioArt Workshop at Lancaster University, UK on Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th December 2018

This collaborative workshop will bring together scientists from the SynaNET network and professional artists to explore key ideas in neuroscience research, BioArt, diverse artistic practices influenced by the life sciences and different ways of working. The workshop aims to DISRUPT dogmatic thinking across these disciplines, ENCODE new approaches and insights through shared interactions and CONSOLIDATE these ideas through artistic expression.

The workshop aims to disrupt assumed narratives of artist as ‘receptors’ and scientists as ’transmitters’ of knowledge in the context of Science and Art collaboration.

Artists are invited to give playful presentations and insights into their practice, ways of working and the conceptual basis of their work. Scientific demonstrations and hands on activity will give both scientists and artists insight into the theory and practical basis of various approaches in neuroscience research including functional brain imaging, behavioral analysis in model organisms, characterization of the microbiome and other techniques. Through working together, scientists and artists will explore the development of novel approaches across these practices.

This workshop is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme as part of SynaNET under grant agreement number 692340