Code and make files for MOSI/FACT Lever Prize Installation
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Code and make files for MOSI/FACT Lever Prize Installation

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Getting Started

For the radio controlled elements in you'll need an RF-Craft Receiver/Transmitter Pair, but you can also just run and on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Jessie on it and clone this repo with it's inculded mcpi folder from the always awaesome Martin O'Hanlon

Raise an issue on the RF-Craft repo if you're an educator interested in testing the first batch.

After cloning the repo which I've described in my RF-Rail-Craft Blogpost you need to get rid of the standard minecraft world and add the trainworld archive

pi$ cd ~/.minecraft/games/com.mojang/minecraftworlds/

pi$ rm -rf world/

pi$ mv ~/RF-Rail-Craft trainworld2.tar.gz .

then uncompress it with tar

pi$ tar -zxvf trainworld2.tar.gz

Then open up a minecraft game and Start the trainworld

Now run or or from your RF-Rail-Craft directory to control the trains and workshop.s


For the workshop we used code on one Raspbian image and then used a 5 port ethernet switch & 5 CAT5 1m cables to network 4 more Pis together.

The Pi with the code running became the server so we started that minecraft game first after using the WiFi/eth0 dropdown menu in startx to set a fixed ipaddress of with a router address of After a reboot, this was set and then we configured all the other pis in the same way with addresses - 29 and the same router address of All the other settings where left blank so they could remain as defaults. You need to reboot with them connected up to the switch after applying these settings.

Now in each client Pi we start a minecraft game but DO NOT create a new world, we use the Join Game option in the Minecraft PI start menu and join the world marked


Now you can run the code, ensure the player is flying in the game on the Pi and that player's camera will make it look like the train is moving while everyone else can build.

I've only dared try it with 5 networked Pi 2's & 3's so Id probably consider over-clocking the server Pi with additional heatsinks if you wanted to try it on more.