Cheat Engine. A development environment focused on modding
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Cheat Engine. A development environment focused on modding games and applications for personal use.

For the latest version: Recent CE Download

For older versions, check out

The forum is up/down depending on DDoS attacks. In the chance it works, you can read posts at

Alternate websites:

You can also follow cheat engine on twitter:

Build Instructions

Download and install Lazarus version 1.6.4 from here

Run Lazarus and click on Project->Open Project. Select cheatengine.lpi from the Cheat Engine folder as the project.

Click on Run->Build or use SHIFT+F9.

If you want to run or debug from the IDE on Windows you will need to start Lazarus as administrator.


If you wish to contribute, fork the repository on github. Create a branch for your changes. Lazarus likes to make changes to files just when you open them or move something around, so make sure you only stage the changes that are required for what you are trying to accomplish.

When you're done, push your branch to your personal fork. Finally go to the original Cheat Engine repository and create a pull request. Click on 'compare across forks' and select your fork as the head fork and your new branch.