BackBox is a low level binary protocol boilerplate multilanguage code generator.
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BlackBox is a low level binary protocol boilerplate multilanguage ( JAVA, C, C#...SWIFT(upcoming)) code generator. According to your description, BlackBox generate source code, so you just need to insert your received packs handlers, and logic of creating a new package, populating, with data and sending it to the receiver. BlackBox supports

  • bitfields,
  • any primitive datatypes,
  • single/double bytes char strings
  • any variations of it's multidimensional arrays with static and variable dimensions.

Protocol encapsulate CRC16, byte stuffing framing, Base 128 Varint compression.
At the moment, the code generator BlackBox is built like SaaS. To get the generated and tested code it is necessary:

  • Create a protocol specification. In fact, this is a plain java file. Here is an example of how it looks for a demo project to control from Android a blinking LED on the board under STM8S103F3P6 via Bluetooth UART on HC 08.
    While writing a specification, it is necessary in java project to make a refference to the set of annotations describing data characteristics.
    And following a small set of rules, describe packets, channels, Hosts, communication interfaces, network topology.
  • Verify that the specification is successfully compiled, and send the java source file as an attachment to the mail address The server periodically takes received specifications from this box and checks their correctness. Then, generates the source code requested in the specification in the programming languages required. After that, several tests are created and the sources are run through them. If all the tests were successful, then the generated code, the last passed test, and an example of using the ordered API are packed into the archive and sent to the addressee. If an error occurred, the sender is notified of a possible delay and the BlackBox support service is dealing with the difficulties encountered.

Here you can find an example of the generated code, and here an example of usage of this code in the above-mentioned demonstration control project with android LED flashes on the demo PCB assembled on STM8.

Using BlackBox, you can easily establish communication not only between microcontrollers, mobile devices but also between the ordinary computers. And what is important, without time and effort waste. In fact, the generated BlackBox code can become the skeleton of your distributed application. The programmer will just have to add handlers to the packet's reception events, as well as the logic for creating the package, populating it with data and sending it to the recipient.

BlackBox description file

Basic documentation of the description file format can be found here. Let's take a look how LedBlinkProject demo description file looks like descriptionscheme

BlackBox parts relationship scheme


How to get generated source code

  1. Install Intellij IDEA or, if you are planning to deploy your code on Android devices, Android Studio.
  2. Download BlackBox metadata annotations
  3. Create a new java Project in your IDE and make reference to downloaded metadata annotations. (On Android Studio you have to add JAVA Library module or edit build.gradle file. Find/add java.srcDirs option.)
  4. Compose your protocol description file (it should be in UTF8 encoding). Rules.
  5. Ensure that description file can me compiled without any errors.
  6. Attach you description file to the email and send it to the address
  7. In a short time getting zipped archive of your generated, fully tested source code in reply.
    In addition it will contain Demo and Test file - examples of using generated API and one of the passsed test, respectively.
  8. For comfortable work with generated java code, please install SlimEnum plugin from Intellij plugin repository.