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What is glu?

glu is a free/open source deployment and monitoring automation platform.

What problems does glu solve?

glu is solving the following problems:

  • deploy (and monitor) applications to an arbitrary large set of nodes:

    • efficiently
    • with minimum/no human interaction
    • securely
    • in a reproducible manner
  • ensure consistency over time (prevent drifting)

  • detect and troubleshoot quickly when problems arise

How does it work?

glu takes a very declarative approach, in which you describe/model what you want, and glu can then:

  • compute the set of actions to deploy/upgrade your applications
  • ensure that it remains consistent over time
  • detect and alert you when there is a mismatch

Check the rest of the documentation for more details (including screenshots and diagrams).

Quick Links

  1. Download
  2. Documentation (latest)
  3. Tutorial (latest)
  4. Source code
  5. Forum / Questions / Help
  6. Video (July 2011)
  7. Issues / Tasks
  8. Latest Changes
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