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A Commerce.js starter kit for Next.js. A beautifully designed elegantly developed, end to end commerce experience for developers and agencies. Pre-integrated with Stripe. One-click deploy to Vercel.



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A Next.js, Commerce.js, Stripe, and Vercel powered, open source storefront, cart and checkout experience.

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View demo


ChopChop is our beautifully designed, elegantly developed demo store and starter kit that sells fine tools for thoughtful cooks. We’ve created a premium brand with a commerce experience to match. Read more about this resource on the Commerce.js blog.

🥞 ChopChop Stack

Live demo

Check out to see this project in action.

Getting started


  • IDE or code editor of your choice
  • Node (v12 or higher)
  • NPM or Yarn
  • Optional: Chec CLI

Use the Chec CLI

You can use the Chec CLI to quickly and easily install demo stores like this, and also to install sample data into your account. To install the Chec CLI, run npm install -g @chec/cli (or yarn global add @chec/cli).

  • Navigate to your projects folder: cd ~/Projects
  • Install the ChopChop demo store: chec demo-store
    • Choose "Chop Chop demo store (Next.js)" from the list
    • This will install dependencies and sample data, then start your dev server
    • Stop the server, open .env and add your NEXT_PUBLIC_STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY for using Stripe, then re-run npm run dev
  • Open http://localhost:3000 and get started!

Manual installation

Clone the project, then get started by installing the dependencies, creating a .env file, and starting the dev server.

npm install
cp .env.example .env
npm run dev

Once the server is running, open it up in your browser, start editing the code, and enjoy!

Sample data

This repository comes with some sample products and images for you to use if you want to get up and running quickly.

To install sample data, first copy .env.example to .env, then edit .env and fill out the following variables:

  • NEXT_PUBLIC_CHEC_PUBLIC_API_KEY: Your Chec public/sandbox API key, available from the Chec Dashboard under Developers > API keys
  • NEXT_PUBLIC_STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY: Your Stripe test publishable key, available from the Stripe dashboard
  • CHEC_SECRET_KEY: Your Chec secret API key, used for seeding
  • NEXT_PUBLIC_GA_TRACKING_ID: Set this with your Google Analytics ID if you want to enable GA.

Once this is done, save and close your file. You can now run the seeder to install sample data:

npm run seed
✔ Completed seeding
  3 categories
  6 products
  9 assets

And you're ready to go!

Deploying to Vercel (with one click)

The one-click deploy allows you to add the Vercel application to your GitHub account to clone this repository and deploy it automatically. Be sure to go to Vercel and sign up for an account with Github, GitLab, or GitBucket before clicking the deploy button.

Deploy with Vercel

Please make sure that you enter the required environment variables listed above during deployment.

Caveats for sample data

To make your ChopChop experience even better, there are a couple of things you can do that are not included with the sample data:

  • Add related products: Go into the Chec Dashboard and set related products for each of your new products. This helps to provide upsell suggestions on your website.
  • Set up shipping rates: Also in the dashboard, set up some shipping zones and rates in Settings > Shipping, then enable them on each of your products. This will enable the "Shipping" checkout screen, and allow you to charge shipping for your customers as well.

Customizations and Extendability

  • Integrate another payment gateway, either one of our supported gateways or your own with our manual gateway API
  • Integrate with the Google Calendar API to automatically add ticketed items to a customer’s calendars
  • Suggest products from other sources based on items purchased, i.e. a book on knife skills if you buy the knife set
  • Add Algolia for integrated search
  • Add additional modules to the checkout flow to handle other content types, like booking a time to pickup in-store purchases
  • Integrate with a headless CMS to make the content editable
  • Create a customers login section using our customers endpoint
  • Use webhooks to deliver SMS notifications about orders


This project is licensed under BSD-3-Clause.

⚠️ Note

This repository is no longer maintained

However, we will accept issue reports and contributions for this repository. See the contribute to the commerce community page for more information on how to contribute to our open source projects. For update-to-date APIs, please check the latest version of the API documentation.


A Commerce.js starter kit for Next.js. A beautifully designed elegantly developed, end to end commerce experience for developers and agencies. Pre-integrated with Stripe. One-click deploy to Vercel.








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