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Puppeteer Recorder

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⭐️ We just published an update on the glorious future of Puppeteer Recorder, check out this pinned issue ⭐️

Puppeteer recorder is a Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Puppeteer script. Install it from the Chrome Webstore. This project is pretty fresh, but does the following already:

  • Records clicks and type events.
  • Add waitForNavigation, setViewPort and other useful clauses.
  • Generates a Puppeteer script.
  • Shows which events are being recorded.
  • Copy to clipboard.
  • Offers configuration options.
  • Allows data-id configuration for element selection.

Note: we only record certain events. See dom-events-to-record.js in the code-generator folder for which events. This collection will be expanded in future releases.


  • Click the icon and hit Record.
  • Hit tab after you finish typing in an input element.
  • Click links, inputs and other elements.
  • Wait for full page load on each navigation. The icon will switch from to .
  • Click Pause when you want to navigate without recording anything. Hit Resume to continue recording.


Writing Puppeteer scripts for scraping, testing and monitoring can be tricky. A recorder / code generator can be helpful, even if the code isn't perfect. This project builds on other projects (see disclaimer below) but adds extensibility, configurability and a smoother UI.


  1. Run: git clone
  2. Build the project: cd puppeteer-recorder && npm i && npm run dev
  3. Navigate to chrome://extensions
  4. Make sure 'Developer mode' is checked
  5. Click Load unpacked extension...
  6. Browse to puppeteer-recorder/build and click Select

Cutting a Release

  • bump versions in package.json and manifest.json
  • tag the code with the version, i.e. git tag v0.4.0
  • push with tags git push --tags

Now generate a release with gren. Make sure all issues associated with the new version are linked to a milestone with the name of the tag.

gren release --override --data-source=milestones --milestone-match="{{tag_name}}"

Credits & disclaimer

Puppeteer recorder is the spiritual successor & love child of's Daydream and ui recorder.


Apache 2

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