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In order to use the library you need to have available one of CURL extension or HTTP_Request2:



For HTTP_Request2 :

pear install HTTP_Request2-2.3.0

By default the SDK is checking for CURL extension first and then fallbacks to HTTP_Request2. You can specify the method using the second argument from CheckMobiRest constructor.


The SDk can be installed using Composer:

composer require  checkmobi/checkmobi-php

API Documentation

CheckMobi APIs are based on HTTP methods, which make it easy to integrate into your own products. You can use any HTTP client in any programming language to interact with the API. The SDK is only a wrapper over the REST API described here

Basic Usage for SDK:

For all properties accepted by the following methods check the documentation.

//create an instance of `CheckMobiRest`

use checkmobi\CheckMobiRest;

$api = new CheckMobiRest("secret key here");

//get list of countries & flags

$response = $api->GetCountriesList();

//get account details

$response = $api->GetAccountDetails();

//get prefixes

$response = $api->GetPrefixes();

//checking a number for being valid

$response = $api->CheckNumber(array("number" => "+number here"));

//validate a number using "Missed call method". (type can be : sms, ivr, cli, reverse_cli)

$response = $api->RequestValidation(array("type" => "reverse_cli", "number" => "+number_here"));

//verify a pin for a certain request

$response = $api->VerifyPin(array("id" => "request id here", "pin" => "5659"));

//check validation status for a certain request

$response = $api->ValidationStatus(array("id" => "request id here"));

//send a custom sms

$response = $api->SendSMS(array("to" => "number here", "text" => "message here"));

//get details about an SMS

$response = $api->GetSmsDetails(array("id" => "sms id here"));

//place a call

$event = [["action" => "speak", "text" => "Hello world", "loop" => 2, "language" => "en-US"]];
$params = ["from" => "+number here", "to" => "+number here", "events" => $event];
$response = $api->PlaceCall($params);

//get a call details

$response = $api->GetCallDetails(array("id" => "call id here"));

//hangup a call

$response = $api->HangUpCall(array("id" => "call id here"));