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Java 1.7 and later

How to use the library

Add the latest checkout-java-v{version number}.jar file to your class path. . The latest JAR file for Checkout library resides in the *releases\latest* folder of the project.


Import the in your code as below:

import com.checkout.APIClient;

You will be required to set the secret key when initialising a new APIClient instance. You will also have option for other configurations defined in file. There are many constructors available for configuration:

APIClient(String secretKey,Environment env, boolean debugMode,int connectTimeout,int readTimeout)
APIClient(String secretKey,Environment env,boolean debugMode)
APIClient(String secretKey,Environment env)
APIClient(String secretKey,boolean debugMode) 
APIClient(String secretKey)

If DebugMode is set to true, the program will trace the request and response result to a log file called 'Log.log' at the root of the application.

By default both connectTimeout and readTimeout set to 60 seconds. You got option to change them as needed.


For logging Apache Commons Logging has been used. If you enable logging all the http request and responses will be logged in file called 'Log.log' at the root of the application."id :"+ chargeId);`

Unit Tests

All the unit test written with JUnit (v4) and resides in the test package.