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Woocommerce Extension  N|Solid is a software platform that has integrated 100% of the value chain to create payment infrastructures that truly make a difference.

This extension allows shop owners to process online payments (card / alternative payments) using:

  • Frames.js - Customisable payment form, embedded within your website
  • Checkout.js - Customisable payment widget
  • Checkout.js Hosted - Redirection to a customisable page on's servers
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay - Shoppers can pay using mobile wallets
  • Alternative payments - Shoppers can pay using local payment options (Sofort, iDEAL, Boleto ... etc.)


You can find a full installation guide here

Initial Setup

If you do not have an account yet, simply go to and hit the "Get Test Account" button.


There are 3 keys that you need to configure in the NON-PCI extension, while for the PCI version you just need 2:

  • Secret Key
  • Public Key (not needed for PCI extension)
  • Private Shared Key

The Private Shared Key is generated when you configure the Webhook URL in the Checkout HUB.


In order to successfully complete 3D Secure transactions, and to keep Woocommerce order statuses in sync you need to configure the following URLs in your Checkout HUB as follows:

The following URL formats are for plugins versions 3.X or newer; click here to get the URLs for older plugin versions

For the NON-PCI extension:

Type URL Example Description
Redirections (success/fail) Redirect after 3D Secure
Webhook Sync Woocommerce

For the PCI extension:

Type URL Example Description
Redirections (success/fail) Redirect after 3D Secure
Webhook           Sync Woocommerce

You can see a guide on how to set the URLs in the HUB here ; You can find test card details here

Going LIVE

Upon receiving your live credentials from your account manager, here are the required steps to start processing live transactions:

  • In the plugin settings, place your live keys
  • Switch the Endpoint URL mode to live.
  • Make sure you have configured the Redirection and Webhook URLs correctly in your live HUB


You can find our complete Documentation here.
If you would like to get an account manager, please contact us at
For help during the integration process you can contact us at
For support, you can contact us at is authorised and regulated as a Payment institution by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.