This is the repository for content for CS147, Fall 2012
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This is the repository for content for CS147, Fall 2012.

  • 1 - Forms

Covers forms, input types, form submission methods (GET/POST)

  • 2 - Login

Covers authentication using a database. Provides wireframes for sessions.

  • 3 - Map

Covers Google Maps and geolocation using a supported browser. May require Firefox instead of Chrome for local use (though everything is fine uploaded to a remote server).

  • 4 - Databases

A mock app that lets a user choose a movie and have it display automatically using AJAX.

  • 5 - Facebook

Accompanies the vimeo video 31285445 and integrates Facebook's OAuth authentication into a sample webapp.

  • 6 - Foursquare

Provides a rudimentary framework for accesing the Venues platform on the Foursquare API using latitude and longitude. It does not require user authentication as the data isn't relevant to a specific user. Includes an example of json_decode.

  • 7 - HTML5 Audio

Demonstrates audio playback in mp3 and ogg formats. This is stripped down version of the Simple HTML5 Audio Player from Envato and is mobile-friendly.