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A node.js client implementation for Asana API.


  var asana = require('asana-api');

  var client = asana.createClient({
    apiKey: 'your-secret-api-key'

  client.users.list(function (err, users) {
    // List all users for this Asana account.

API Coverage


  GET /users
  GET /users/me
  GET /users/:user-id

  GET /workspaces
  GET /workspaces/:workspace-id/tasks

  GET /tasks
  GET /tasks/:task-id

  GET /projects
  GET /projects/:project-id/tasks  

Not Implemented

  POST /tasks
  PUT  /tasks/:task-id
  GET  /tasks/:task-id/stories
  POST /tasks/:task-id/stories
  GET  /tasks/:task-id/projects
  POST /tasks/:task-id/addProject
  POST /tasks/:task-id/removeProject

  GET /projects/:project-id
  PUT /projects/:project-id

  GET /stories/:story-id

  PUT  /workspaces/:workspace-id
  POST /workspaces/:workspace-id/tasks
  GET  /workspaces/:workspace-id/projects
  GET  /workspaces/:workspace-id/users


Installing npm (node package manager)

  curl | sh

Installing node-asana-api

  [sudo] npm install asana-api

Run Tests

  $ npm test

Author: Charlie Robbins

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