Natural node version management for windows.
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A Node version manager for the windows folks out there. Inspired by n.


Install node and npm at once, using the msi installer.

Install nodist globally. That's all!

npm install -g nodist


A node version manager for windows


    nodist                         List all installed node versions.
    nodist list
    nodist ls

    nodist <version>               Use the specified node version globally (downloads the executable, if necessary).

    nodist add <version>           Download the specified node version.
    nodist + <version>

    nodist rm <version>            Uninstall the specified node version.
    nodist - <version>

    nodist run <version> -- <file> Run <file> with the specified node version (downloads the executable, if necessary).
    nodist r <version> -- <file>

    nodist bin <version>           Get the path to the specified node version (downloads the executable, if necessary).

    nodist --help                  Display this help

    nodist -v                      Display nodist version


    nodist 0.8.1                   Use node v0.8.1 globally
    nodist v0.5.10                 Use node v0.5.10 globally
    nodist r v0.8.1 -- foo.js -s   Run `foo.js -s` with node v0.8.1, regardless of the global version
    nodist - 0.5.10                Uninstall node v0.5.10
    nodist latest                  Use the latest available node version globally


nodist stores your node executables in <NPM_PREFIX>\node_modules\nodist\v\, from there it can see what's installed and activate previously installed versions when nodist <version> is invoked again.
When a version is activated, nodist copies it to <NPM_PREFIX>\node.exe. This path may be altered using the NODIST_PREFIX env variable.

As the global node version will be subject to change, nodist comes with its own node version and command line files.

What's with the name?

The name nodist was chosen to emphasise the puristic approach of implementing a node version manager and is not to be confused with the term 'nudist'. It was never my intention to make a connection between these two subjects by giving this program a similar name. What did you think?!


Copyright (c) 2012 by Marcel Klehr
MIT License