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Prose is a web-based interface for managing text-based content in your GitHub repositories. Use it to create, edit, and delete files, and save your changes directly to GitHub.

Prose is great for making quick updates to your code or managing your blog. Prose pays special attention to Jekyll sites hosted on GitHub Pages with Markdown text preview and syntax reference. It's configurable to restrict users to files that live within the _posts directory so you can use it to manage the content on your blog without fear of changing other critical files. Using Jekyll in conjunction with Prose is a smart way of maintaining websites for developers and editors alike by allowing them to use a visual, web-based tool to manage the content.

Get started now or learn more about using Jekyll to design flexible static websites.

Screen shot of the Prose interface

Future plans

This is a first release dedicated to developers at this early stage. It will be buggy as we work out the kinks, but we plan to make this rock solid and extend the feature set (while keeping the UI as minimal as possible). We hope Prose + Jekyll will provide a simple, efficient alternative to traditional CMSs that require web and database servers to host content.

Get involved

You already discovered the source code. And now that you're here, why not start contributing? :)