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* Fri May 25 2012 Linux-HA contributors
- stable release 3.9.3
- dhcpd: new RA to manage ISC DHCP servers
- Filesystem: add nfs4 to the list of well known types
- IPaddr2: fix regression introduce in d93b5fd, nic=lo always
- iSCSILogicalUnit: correctly match for target IQN and backing
device name (iet and tgt)
- jboss: implememnt rotating of console log
- mysql: improve handling of reset slave
- oracle, oralsnr: get rid of eval
- slapd: pass bind_dn correctly to ldapsearch
* Wed May 16 2012 Linux-HA contributors
- release candidate 3.9.3 rc1
- asterisk: new resource agent
- named: new RA to manage bind servers
- pound: new RA for Pound HTTP/HTTPS reverse-proxy and
- rsyslog: new RA to manage rsyslog servers
- slapd: new RA to manage OpenLDAP servers
- varnish: new resource agent
- apache: add support for IPv6 in monitor
- apache: create /var/run/apache2 if it doesn't exist
- apache: fix sysconfig includes & enable status for default SUSE
- conntrackd: test for socket existence in monitor instead of
process grep
- conntrackd: rename parameter "conntrackd" to "binary"
- CTDB: Add smb_fileid_algorithm parameter (bnc#696978)
- CTDB: Improve monitor op (check output of ctdb status,
- CTDB: Set ctdb_start_as_disabled=no by default (bnc#712410,
required by samba 3.6)
- exportfs: allow expanding the fsid parameter to produce correct
exportfs options
- exportfs: don't grow /var/lib/nfs/rmtab indefinitely
- exportfs: fix monitor action for special characters and common
- Filesystem: add support for glusterfs (lf#2620)
- Filesystem: add tmpfs to the list of supported filesystems
- Filesystem: allow to force cloning for local mounts
- Filesystem: don't use direct dd option in monitor depth 20 for
non-blockdevice fs
- Filesystem: fix determining if the device is a block device
- Filesystem: improve read/write checks for CHECK_LEVEL 10, 20
- Filesystem: repair the fast_stop parameter use (its value was
always false)
- Filesystem: support ceph
- Filesystem: remove a status file only when OCF_CHECK_LEVEL is
set to 20
- IPaddr: add back the local_start/stop_script code
- IPaddr: remove colon at the end of the interface name
- IPv6addr: always use the provided nic and cidr_netmask when
- IPv6addr: handle a link-local address properly in send_ua
- iscsi: do not rely on iscsid.startup being set correctly
- iscsi: proceed if iscsid is not running if iscsid.startup is
present in iscsid.conf
- iSCSILogicalUnit: fix default for scsi_sn
- iSCSITarget: treat an empty "implementation" parameter
- jboss: add the java_opts parameter for java options
- ldirectord: precedence error with perl v5.8.8 in IPv6 code
- LVM: drop vgck(8) from monitor
- LVM: force dmevent monitoring for clones
- LVM: use ls instead of vgdisplay in status
- lxc: fix LXC_status to work with lxc-0.7.5 or later
- mysql: improve replication support
- mysql: check mysql status more thoroughly before stopping
- mysql: fix validation return codes
- mysql: support 5.5 slave status message format
- nfsserver: Support of multiple IP addresses (bnc#684143)
- nfsserver: don't run sm-notify in foreground (bnc#759616)
- ocf-shellfuncs: fix loglevel variable scope in ha_log
- ocft: new tests for named, IPv6addr, oracle, Xinetd
- ocft: several improvements
- oracle: improve managing IPC objects
- oracle: improve matching instance specific files and processes
- pgsql: support for replication
- postfix: multiple fixes
- Raid1: support for multiple MD arrays, as specified in raidconf
- SAPDatabase: add support for Sybase ASE and SAP HANA database
- SAPDatabase: correcting the unique values of RAs parameters
- SAPDatabase: replace method for checking responsiveness of
- SAPDatabase: version 2.00 make use of saphostagent
- SAPInstance : correcting the unique values of RAs parameters
- slapd: always set the exit code correctly in monitor
- tomcat: remove pidfile before start, it may prevent some tomcat
releases from starting
- VirtualDomain: add a functionality that modifies utilization of
resource automatically
- VirtualDomain: if the configuration file is missing on stop
exit with success
- VirtualDomain: honor virsh "in shutdown" state
- Xen: add support for HVM ACPI graceful shutdown
- Xen: wait in migrate_from for the migration to finish instead
of bailing out immediately
- Tools: findif: Use most specific matching route (bnc#740738)
- Tools: send_arp.libnet: fix for big endian platforms
- doc: add the RA developer's guide
* Wed Jun 29 2011 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- stable release 3.9.2
- ethermon: new resource agent
- iscsi: fix regression in 3.9.1 for open-iscsi version 2.0-872 (lf#2562)
- pgsql: fix regression in 3.9.1 in directories on probes
- VirtualDomain: if there's no config exit on stop with success
- doc: add sfex_init(8) man page
* Wed Jun 15 2011 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- stable release 3.9.1
- ocf-tester: tolerate OCF_ERR_INSTALLED on probes and missing binaries
- pgsql: improve configuration check and probe handling
* Wed Jun 01 2011 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- release candidate 3.9.1 rc1
- first release since establishing joined repository with RHCS agents
- build: new spec file and autoconf to support both agents' sets
- build: use ./configure --with-ras-set=linux-ha to configure for
heartbeat RA set
- build: create compatibility symlinks in autofoo not in spec
- build: GNUmakefile removed
- lxc: new RA to manage lxc linux containers
- symlink: new RA to manage symbolic links
- db2: new implementation with master/slave mode
- oracle: improve oracle process list test (bnc#673027)
- exportfs: backup and restore rmtab to ensure smooth client
failover on node failures
- CTDB: Allow stop to succeed when using pkill on ctdbd (bnc#695829)
- mysql: --skip-slave-start option is default now
- mysql: set connect timeout to 10 seconds rather than 1 second
- mysql: keep replication state (prevents data loss on master reset)
- mysql: don't rely on state information from pacemaker, but
check if the instance is in the read-only mode
- mysql: if test parameters are all set, assume OCF_CHECK_LEVEL=10
- mysql: support for master/slave for more than two nodes
- mysql: don't wait for replication to finish, when not replicating
- mysql: store replication state in separate attributes for each master
- VirtualDomain: correctly create migration URI when target is an FQDN
- VirtualDomain: properly wait until domain_name is non-empty
- ldirectord: add a support of "netmask" directive for IPv6
- ldirectord: fix fwmark behavior for IPv6
- ldirectord: ignore children in Net::DNS
- iscsi: add support for open-iscsi version 2.0-872 (lf#2562)
- postfix: issue error if 'postfix abort' failed
- postfix: improve exit codes on installation problems
- postfix: use monitor to test if postfix works after the start action
- ocft: fix make command for compatibility with mawk/Debian (lf#2600)
- ocft: test case for pgsql
- ocft: test case for postfix
- ocft: test case for iscsi
- doc: improve man pages output
- doc: add examples for master/slave resource agents
* Wed Feb 16 2011 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- stable release 1.0.4
- ocft: testcases for db2, LVM, and Filesystem
* Fri Feb 11 2011 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- release candidate 1.0.4
- add GPLv3 license file (bnc#655700)
- ocf-shellfuncs: allow ocf_run to return the actual exit code
- ocf-shellfuncs: handle properly syslog facility set to none (bnc#621818)
- ocf-shellfuncs: correctly identify root by id only (bnc#602312)
- RA: add OCF_ROOT/lib/heartbeat directory (development)
- RA: set the HA_RSCTMP directory to /var/run/resource-agents (lf#2378)
- build: install jboss
- conntrackd: new RA
- exportfs: new RA
- nginx: new RA
- fio: new RA for IO load simulation
- Filesystem: allow cloning of some filesystems as read-only (lf#2440)
- Filesystem: add fast_stop parameter (lf#2402)
- Filesystem: Clarify metadata and improve non-clone warning
- Filesystem: new run_fsck parameter
- LVM: add partial_activation parameter (lf#2490)
- IPaddr2: fix reference to Infiniband arping binary (bnc#668447)
- IPaddr2: optionally flush kernel routing table on interface stop
- IPaddr2: exit with the right code when not properly configured
- IPaddr2: exit early and with the right code if the ip parameter is not set
- IPaddr2: unique_clone_address should work without CIP (lf#2442)
- IPaddr: return the correct code if interface delete failed
- IPv6addr: allow link-local addresses in case the interface name is provided
- IPv6addr: interface index in /proc/net/if_inet6 may be longer than 2
chars (lf#2462)
- IPsrcaddr: exit with the right code when not properly configured
- IPsrcaddr: add the cidr_netmask parameter
- Tools: findif: differentiate between error conditions
- nfsserver: fix the default string for the notification parameter
- nfsserver: don't use -v in the notify cmd with rpc.statd
- iSCSITarget: fix race for target IDs when using IET (lf#2432)
- iSCSITarget: follow changed IET access policy
- Raid1: Support attempting to re-add mirrors on deep monitor action
- Raid1: Fix graceful stop code path
- Raid1: Handle stop for failed arrays properly (bnc#618775)
- sfex: output log messages also to stderr in sfex_init
- sfex: add the sfex_stat command
- sfex: wait in the start and stop actions until sfex_daemon starts/exits
- Xen: implement stop of a migrating domain (bnc#656227)
- Xen: check the allow_mem_management boolean properly (bnc#637525)
- Xen: Always run destroy in stop sequence.
- Xen: use xen-list command for status check if available (bnc#628735)
- Xen: use xen-destroy for stop, if available.
- Xen: Allow node configurable attribute to specify which IP to
use for live migration (bnc#628735)
- VirtualDomain: fix spurious stop failures
- VirtualDomain: don't timeout in stop before escalating to "forced stop"
- ManageVE: add migration capability
- MailTo: don't check if user exists for email address (might be an
alias or remote)
- CTDB: Remove hard-coded timeout on start op
- CTDB: Don't manage Samba and Winbind by default
- CTDB: Deprecate (and make optional) smb_private_dir param (bnc#623788)
- tomcat: Ensure name of tomcat resource is only used on start operation
and expose JAVA_OPTS variable for use
- tomcat: Fix to ensure default OCF_RESKEY_xx values are observed
- tomcat: Add CATALINA_BASE parameter, defaults to CATALINA_HOME,
permits multiple tomcat instances
- tomcat: Use Tomcat stop TIMEOUT -force to improve stop
- Dummy: migrate_from/to: correct OCF_RESKEY_CRM_meta_migrate_xxx
variable names
- Dummy: make method reload work
- anything: add the workdir parameter
- mysql: clone and master-slave functionality
- mysql: add replication monitoring
- mysql: check for write permissions after creating pid and socket directory
- mysql: make client binary path configurable
- pgsql: cd to pgdata before running commands (fixes permission error)
- pgsql: add optional username, password, and sqlcode parameters for monitor
- pgsql: add new "config" parameter
- pgsql: properly implement pghost parameter
- pgsql: socketdir parameter to manage non-default UNIX socket directories
- oracle: reduce output from sqlplus to the last line for queries (bnc#567815)
- db2: Replace call to db2_local_ps with db2nps
- db2: guard against a hanging db2stop by spawning this into the
background. Use db2_kill after grace period.
- db2: add multi partition support
- db2: improve behaviour on probes
- db2: support for v9.x instances (bnc#608952)
- SAPDatabase,SAPInstance: improve LD_LIBRARY_PATH processing (bnc#640026)
- SAPInstance: prevent premature expansion of [:upper:] [:lower:] when
producing sidadm uid
- SAPInstance: Moved testing of SAP profile directory and START profile
to a later stage (only when needed), for more robustness
- SAPInstance: fix return codes in probes
- SAPInstance: New parameter: SHUTDOWN_METHOD
- SAPInstance: ensure enqueue failover in monitor_clone on process
- SAPInstance: don't rely on op target rc when monitoring clones (lf#2371)
- SAPDatabase: prevent premature expansion of [:upper:] and [:lower:]
when producing sidadm/orasid/db2sid uids
- SAPdatabase: Changed Oracle recovery method from "recover automatic
database" to "end backup"
- SAPDatabase: Adapt process search pattern for DB/2 9.5
- SAPDatabase: start listener only if database processes are found
- SAPDatabase: avoid continuous output to syslog in monitor with SAP
7.20 and J2EE_ONLY=1
- ldirectord: http: connect to server instead of protocol (Debian#594958)
- ldirectord: add implicit support for submission RFC4409
- ldirectord: example configuration for a submission virtual service
- ldirectord: Shutdown write-side of client connection after writing has
- ldirectord: port number mismatch of imaps and pops
- ldirectord: Oracle compatibility
- ldirectord: don't exit on timeout in HTTP/HTTPS check
- ldirectord: allow underscore in service name
- ldirectord: use $1 instead of \1 in pattern replace (bnc#605086)
- Tools: ocf-tester: Extend to cover initial probe (monitor_0) test.
- Tools: ocf-tester: set and export some common meta variables (lf#2524)
- Tools: ocf-tester: meta-data also should never be affected by missing
- Tools: ocf-tester: show output from the agent in case of error
* Tue Apr 13 2010 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- stable release 1.0.3
- meta-data: improve timeouts in most resource agents (reduce the number of warnings by the shell)
- RA: log messages to stderr if attached to a terminal
- ocf-shellfuncs: tests to check for clone/ms resources
- ocf-shellfuncs: don't output to stderr if using syslog (prevents double logging from the RA and lrmd)
- make sure that OCF_RESKEY_CRM_meta_interval is always defined (lf#2284)
- ocft: new RA test suite
- VirtualDomain: bail out early if config file can't be read
during probe (nbc#593988)
- VirtualDomain: spin on define until we definitely have a domain name
- VirtualDomain: fix incorrect use of __OCF_ACTION (the stop operation may timeout otherwise)
- Filesystem: prefer /proc/mounts to /etc/mtab for non-bind mounts (lf#2388)
- IPaddr2: don't bring the interface down on stop (otherwise IPv6 addresses may be removed)
- oracle/oralsnr: improve exit codes if the environment isn't valid
- oracle/oralsnr: improve logging
- Route: don't assume that OCF_RESKEY_CRM_meta_clone_node_max is set to a number (lf#2375)
- Route: add route table parameter (lf#2335)
- sfex: don't use pid file (lf#2363,bnc#585416)
- SFEX daemon: fix logging
- ldirectord: fix the configfile default (bnc#589457)
- drbd: fix metadata (bnc#588684)
- IPsrcaddr: modify the interface route (lf#2367)
- ldirectord: Allow multiple email addresses (lf#2168)
- vmware: fix set_environment() invocation (lf#2342)
- vmware: updated to version 0.2
- apache: return the right exit code from monitor (bnc#578628)
- iSCSILogicalUnit: fix monitor for STGT
* Mon Feb 01 2010 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- stable release 1.0.2
- EvmsSCC, Evmsd, LinuxSCSI, drbd, pingd: marked as deprecated (lf#2244)
- CTDB: new resource agent for clustered samba
- postfix: new resource agent
- proftpd: new resource agent
- AoEtarget: new resource agent to export ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) targets
- Squid: new resource agent
- VirtualDomain: new resource agent (manage virtual domains using libvirt/virsh)
- anything: new resource agent for arbitrary daemons
- mysql-proxy: new resource agent
- iSCSITarget/iSCSILogicalUnit: two new resource agents
- portblock: fast reconnect/tickle ACK (new feature)
- IPv6addr: new nic and cidr_netmask parameters
- mysql-proxy: log_level and keepalive parameters
- Filesystem: implement deep monitor operation
- apache: monitor operation of depth 10 for web applications (lf#2234)
- SAPDatabase + SAPInstance: New versions from SAP
- CTDB: auto-generate cluster-specific part of smb.conf (lf#2308)
- ClusterMon: don't fail in stop if the process is missing (bnc#569957)
- Filesystem: allow configuring smbfs mounts as clones
- IPaddr2: CLUSTERIP/iptables rule not always inserted on failed monitor (lf#2281)
- IPaddr2: behave if the interface is down (lf#2147)
- IPaddr2: check binaries when it makes sense
- IPaddr2: fix invalid default value for OCF_RESKEY_clusterip_hash (bnc#553753)
- IPaddr2: include netmask in search for the right interface
- IPaddr2: remove all colons from the mac address before passing it to send_arp (lf#2165)
- IPsrcaddr: replace 0/0 with proper ip prefix
- IPv6addr: recognize network masks properly
- IPv6addr: supply checksum for ICMPv6 packets
- IPv6addr: ifdef out the ip offset hack for libnet v1.1.4 (lf#2034)
- IPv6addr: supply checksum for ICMPv6 packets
- LVM: Make monitor operation quiet in logs (bnc#546353)
- MailTo: Provide a default for MAILCMD (bnc#534803, bnc#556366)
- MailTo: allow multiple word subject line
- Raid1: improve monitor function (bnc#546551)
- Route: improve validate (lf#2232)
- Squid: make the regexp match more precisely output of netstat
- VIParip: Pathname needed to be configurable (lf#1331)
- VirtualDomain: avoid needlessly invoking "virsh define"
- VirtualDomain: destroy domain shortly before timeout expiry
- VirtualDomain: fix forceful stop (lf#2283)
- VirtualDomain: loop on status if libvirtd is unreachable
- Xen: Remove instance_attribute "allow_migrate" (bnc#539968)
- apache: make sure that proxies are not used for monitor
- iSCSILogicalUnit: add support for SCSI ID, SCSI SN, Vendor ID, and Product ID
- iSCSILogicalUnit: add support for per-LU parameters
- iSCSILogicalUnit: set default for SCSI SN, truncate SCSI ID default to 24 bytes
- iSCSILogicalUnit: use a 16-byte default SCSI ID
- iSCSITarget, iSCSILogicalUnit: add support for tgt
- iSCSITarget: reintroduce "tid" parameter
- iSCSITarget, iSCSILogicalUnit: identify targets by IQN, not by tid
- iSCSITarget, iSCSILogicalUnit: support LIO
- iSCSITarget: add support for CHAP authentication
- iSCSITarget: add support for restricting target access
- iSCSITarget: be more persistent deleting targets on stop
- include ldirectord (formerly known as heartbeat-ldirectord)
- iscsi: replace wrong variable reference (bnc#499291)
- jboss: Added JBoss support
- ldirectord: fix setting defaults for configfile and ldirectord (lf#2328)
- ldirectord: fix various bugs in OCF RA (lf#1949)
- mysql: escalate stop to KILL if regular shutdown doesn't work
- mysql: handle monitor and stop properly on invalid environment
- nfsserver: use default values (lf#2321)
- nfsserver: validate should not check if nfs_shared_infodir exists (lf#2219)
- nfsserver: use check_binary properly in validate (lf#2211)
- nfsserver: exit properly in nfsserver_validate (lf#2173)
- oracle/oralsnr: export variables properly
- oracle: drop spurious output from sqlplus
- pgsql: remove the previous backup_label if it exists
- portblock: add per-IP filtering capability
- portblock: fix invalid exit codes on monitor
- postfix: fix double stop
- scsi2reservation: fix wrong logic in check for scsi_reserve
- vmware: make meta-data work and several cleanups (lf#2212)
- shellfuncs: make the mktemp wrappers work
- ocf-shellfuncs: add mercurial repository version information
- ocf-shellfuncs: add ocf_is_probe function
- doc: add resource agents' man pages including examples
* Thu Oct 23 2008 Lars Marowsky-Bree <> and MANY others
- beta release 2.99.2
- LVM: stop correctly in case vol group does not exist
* Tue Sep 23 2008 Lars Marowsky-Bree <> and MANY others
- beta release 2.99.1
* Tue Aug 19 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> and MANY others
- beta release 2.99.0
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