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An elegant Markdown -> PDF/HTML resumé pipeline

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This is a simple Markdown resumé template, LaTeX header, and pre-processing script that can be used with Pandoc to create professional-looking PDF and HTML output.


  • Pandoc >= 1.9 (you can adjust the Makefile to use an earlier version -- the arguments format changed)
  • Python
  • A Tex installation with pdflatex and the Tex Gyre Pagella font, and some packages needed by pandoc. On Ubuntu you can get this by installing texlive, texlive-latex-extra, and tex-gyre.


Simply run make to generate PDF and HTML versions of each .md file in the directory.

In order to enable visually appealing display of contact information, the Markdown is passed through a Python script that looks for contact details beginning on the fourth line and moves them into a right-aligned, zero-height box at the top of the document. Lines with bullets (•) will be treated as separate contact lines in the output.

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