Using redis pubsub to push messages via to a client
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Basic concept

You think is very cool, but do not want to write your server-side webapplication in .. javascript. Using this very simple snippet, you can push your data into redis from any programming language and will then push it to the client.


You will need node.js to run the server, you can grab it at - this should install the node package manager as well "npm".

npm install redis@0.7.2
npm install


node app.js

(remember to have a running redis server, or it will crash)


Bugfixes can be sent as pullrequests or be posted as an issue.

If you know how to send a message to redis pubsub in any language feel free to make me a pull request with it included.

Le snipppets


pip install redis hiredis
import redis

pool = redis.ConnectionPool(host=url.hostname, port=url.port, db=0, password=url.password)
redis_subscribe = redis.StrictRedis(connection_pool=pool)
redis_subscribe.publish("your channel/pattern here", "this message is sent to")