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== Next

+ travis-cli: add $ thor travis:deploy and automatically add a git tag or update the production branch
+ travis-cli: add $ thor travis:config:sync to sync the current config with the keychain in heroku:config rake task
+ travis-cli: move the heroku rake task to thor
+ travis-ci: use #!/[:slug]/jobs/:id for jobs
+ travis-ci: change pusher events and payloads to be more symetric with worker reporting events
+ travis-core: make sure we start the build with the first job only, and finish it with the last build only
+ travis-ci: calculate build duration from matrix.sum(&:duration) or similar

- automate backups
- rabbitmq message rate stats
- pretest github pull reqests
- worker dashboard (add the last log line to status reports)
- user/pusher notifications about maintenance etc
- add logs to builds and add status/result messages to the build log about email/irc/webhook notifications
- add a language to the repo sidebar and main area (?)
- “New repositories” tab

- travis-ci: actually purge archived builds
- travis-ci: add tests for stats
- travis-ci: add tests for github login that protect against changes in oauth etc

- travis-core: fix webhook notifications when using https
- travis-core: rename build.status to build.result internally

- travis-hub: join worker update queries per message
- travis-hub: re-enqueue and clean up stalled jobs
- travis-hub: have the hub respond to SIGTERM and shut down gracefully

- travis-worker: remote worker maintenance
- travis-worker: make command messages expire after 2 sec or so
- travis-worker: change the naming scheme to
- travis-worker: 1-n worker to vms

- travis-build: close stdin so tests waiting for stdin raise (see
- travis-build: protect against

== Standalone AMQP consumer

+ ActiveRecord::Base.cache { x }
+ workers heartbeat/listing
+ Finish unfinished jobs after a timeout of 1 hour and add a note to the log
+ started_at and duration not updated
+ GET ??
+ queue/jobs listing
+ travis-worker/travis-hub: should clear existing log on job:test:start (for requeued jobs)
+ optimize:
+ n+1 issue with artifacts (probably on repository/:id/builds.json)
+ make sure we don’t transfer the log unless it’s needed
+ email connection to postmark failing
+ ssl issue while sending emails:
+ fix nokogiri/css_inliner issue
+ testing: dump the production database and test the migrations
+ travis-worker: undefined method `try’ for nil:NilClass in app:79
+ travis-worker: make vagrant work without bundle exec (i.e. require bundle/setup in Vagrantfile?)
+ travis-hub: should read the db config from the (heroku) env var if present
+ ActiveSupport notifications for logging
+ have log levels (so turning logging on/off in production will be easy)
+ travis-worker: thor travis:worker:set (config var)
+ travis-boxes: make sure rails uses tmpfs for mysql
+ travis-ci: fix the stats page
+ travis-worker/hub: make heartbeat message per machine, not worker
+ travis-worker: add all of the status report to the heartbeat
+ travis-hub: truncate the log on job:test:start
+ travis-build: extract travis-support to a separate repo
+ travis-hub: consolidate logging to use travis-support/logging
+ travis-ci/hub/worker/core: extract amqp classes to a common amqp abstraction in travis-support
+ travis-worker: after state changes send an extra state update message
+ travis-core: make workers regular state machines, send pusher notifications on all state changes, send irc notifications on errors
+ travis-ci: add additional worker status infos to json
+ travis-ci: display the current build in the client
+ travis-core: all config jobs get pushed to builds.common. use a builds.config queue instead that is shared by all workers
+ travis-ci: move json specs (and maybe other specs) to travis-core
+ travis-hub: improve logging for async/notification stuff
+ travis-core: add an archive notification that pushes builds to an external json db on build:finished
+ travis-support: move all core_ext to travis-support
+ travis-support: add specs to remaining core_exts
+ travis-core: use after_commit :on => :create
+ travis-ci: pass build description and language on build:started

== Sproutcore

+ fix matrix
+ figure out call stack error :/
+ fix tests for new binding pattern
+ fix tests in jasmine-headless-webkit
+ port log parsing
+ fix stats and profile pages
+ port service hooks
+ implement search controller and view
+ hook up pusher events
+ hook up time changes
+ port small stuff like the sidebar toggle

- add tests for controller layer
- add acceptance tests
- add service hook specs
- test task/script to add some workers and jobs to a local redis
- load json fixtures generated from real server/app data
- make tests run on!

- debounce/throttle search keyboard events
- fix search (does not propagate loaded records to the list)

- try

== Statemachine

+ move Worker to Notification:Worker
+ json for configure tasks
+ make Travis.config a Hashr instance
+ ensure Task::Test can cope with incremental updates
+ configure notifications receivers
+ improve specs for notifications receivers (actually hook receivers up to the dispatcher)
+ spec Travis::Config
+ spec Pusher notifications
+ go through all models and add pending specs
+ go through all specs and do some cleanup
+ add TestsController
+ add Pusher notification specs for actual messages sent
+ add JSON specs for build:queued and build:removed event payloads
+ move actions from builds_controller to tasks_controller and use routes to keep the /builds url
+ add data migrations
+ fix n+1 queries:
+ the worker doesn’t seem to notify about task:configure:started

- rewrite lib/github to use Hashr instead of ostruct

  1. Api changes

- client: use task route for looking up child builds
- client: for configure jobs show “?” instead of a build number
- config: change queues configuration section

  1. Commits not ported, double-check they’re not necessary any more

f22a63eb joshk fixed an issue with the build not updating due to extra from the worke…
0c8464b5 joshk update tests to respect that config on build now returns a default has…
6e9d0fbe joshk Revert "update tests to respect that config on build now returns a def…
9cd7082c joshk Sadly this breaks the workers, ugly hax coming soon
a990b6f1 joshk notifications fix + test : second attempt, this time with less breakag…

  1. Commits to have triple-checked by their authors

cbfc4f37 joelmahoney Make status PNG response match the JSON/XML API responses