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JavaDoc: Valid HTML definitions lists are erroneously marked #104

daniilyar opened this Issue Feb 9, 2014 · 2 comments

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daniilyar commented Feb 9, 2014 edited

Ported from Sourceforge, see Sourceforge issues below for more details:

  • 547 (Text inside {@code } and {@literal } must not be treated as HTML)
  • 572 (Valid HTML definitions lists are erroneously marked)

There is already suggested patch which adds the following HTML tags to the allowed tag list:
dd, dt, font, u

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@romani romani added the javadoc label Feb 9, 2014
@Ravynne Ravynne referenced this issue in sevntu-checkstyle/sevntu.checkstyle Nov 19, 2014

JavadocStyle Rule should ignore data in @{literal } and @{code } tags. #273

sbley commented Feb 6, 2015

Is there a chance to fix 572 (HTML definition lists) soon? The suggested patch which extends the allowed tag list should be easy to apply.

Checkstyle member
romani commented Feb 8, 2015

@sbley, I updated description and your comment, thanks a lot!

For javadoc Checks ..... I could merge changes for that Checks from outside contributors, please prepare PR if you need that feature.
I (and our team members) will not focus on that Checks till they all completely reimplemented to use new parsing abilities of Checkstyle to parse javadoc by grammar.

If you do care about quicker reimplementing javadoc part of checkstyle please vote at , please reshare it with your colleagues to let us know Checkstyle user's priorities. Update of all javadoc Checks is planned in "Update existing sun_style.xml to cover all rules from Sun Code Convention" project.

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