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StrictDuplicateCode trips up on file headers #22

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Roman Ivanov
Roman Ivanov

Created: 2012-12-18
Creator: Yegor Bugayenko
Ref: #sf693
Created: 2009-04-20
Creator: Toby Byron
ref: #sf555

I cannot use the StrictDuplicateCode check because it reports excessive essentially false duplicates.

Specifically, each of my source code files starts with the same file header (a comment that contains a copyright notice and boilerplate relating to the GPL3 license that my code is released under).

Yes, literally speaking, StrictDuplicateCode is correctly finding duplicates here however standard file headers are clearly not what people want to have reported to them.

So, what StrictDuplicateCode needs is to automatically suppress any duplicate comments at the start of files from its reports.

Would be nice to have a property "header" for StrictDuplicateCodeCheck:

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