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wrong lineNumber in DetailAST for class with annotation #54

romani opened this Issue Nov 12, 2013 · 2 comments

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romani commented Nov 12, 2013

Created: 2009-07-14
Creator: superbonbon
SF issue: 581

package src;

@SomeTestAnnotations({ @SomeTestAnnotation(key = "foo"),
        @SomeTestAnnotation(key = "bar") })
/* {@inheritDoc} */
public class MyGenericClassBad {

Picture of DetailAST:

detected: lineNumber=3.
expected: lineNumber for class have to be real - 6,

isopov commented Nov 12, 2013

Why on screenshot the line is correct 6?

Checkstyle member
romani commented Nov 12, 2013

Hmm, you are right, class IDENT in line 6, Looks like annotation is treated as part of Class definition - that is true.
So other have to keep this in mind.

Issue is closed, not a bug.

@romani romani closed this Nov 12, 2013
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