RedundantThrowsCheck raise strange violation #74

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romani commented Dec 8, 2013

SF issue: #481
Creator: Tim Vernum

do not try to compile this code, if compilation is successful violation disappear as Exception classes appear in class path.

import javax.transaction.NotSupportedException;
import javax.transaction.SystemException;

public class ShowError {

   protected void beginTransaction() throws NotSupportedException, SystemException {
        // ...


Violation: " - Redundant Throws: Redundant throws: 'SystemException' listed more then one time."

Expected: message that Check can not find classes in classpath.

Is there any workaround for this issue? Thanks in advance!


romani commented Dec 8, 2014

this Check will be removed from Checkstyle - #473


ychulovskyy commented Dec 21, 2014

@romani The issue can be closed since #473 has been fixed.


romani commented Dec 21, 2014

@ychulovskyy , thanks a lot !!

@romani romani closed this Dec 21, 2014

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