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hyperglass API for BIRD
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hyperglass-bird supports both BIRD versions 1.6 and 2.0.


hyperglass-bird is a restful API for the BIRD Internet Routing Daemon, for use by hyperglass. hyperglass-bird ingests an HTTP POST request with JSON data and constructs 1 of 5 shell commands to run based on the passed parameters. For example:

  "query_type": "ping",
  "afi": "ipv4",
  "source": "",
  "target": ""

Would construct (by default) ping -4 -c 5 -I, execute the command, and return the output as a string.

For BGP commands in version 1.6, BIRD's birdc and birdc6 are used to get the output. For example:

  "query_type": "bgp_route",
  "afi": "ipv6",
  "target": "2606:4700:4700::/48"

Would construct (by default) birdc6 -r show route all where 2606:4700:4700::/48 ~ net, execute the command, and return the output as a string.

BGP AS Path and Community queries are converted from "standard" hyperglass-supported syntax to BIRD's syntax:

  "query_type": "bgp_aspath",
  "afi": "dual",
  "target": "_65000$"

Would construct birdc -r show route all where bgp_path ~ [= * 65000 =] and birdc6 -r show route all where bgp_path ~ [= * 65000 =] and concatenate the output for both commands.


Currently, hyperglass-bird has only been tested on Ubuntu Server 18.04. A sample systemd service file is included to run hyperglass-bird as a service.


If using BIRD 1.6, hyperglass-bird requires that bird6 and birdc6 be fully functional, even if IPv6 is not used.

Clone the repository

$ cd /opt/
$ git clone

Install requirements

$ cd /opt/hyperglass-bird/
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Install systemd service

# cp /opt/hyperglass-bird/hyperglass-bird.service.example /etc/systemd/system/hyperglass-bird.service
# systemctl daemon-reload
# systemctl enable hyperglass-bird

Update Permissions

# chown -R bird:bird /opt/hyperglass-bird

Generate API Key

$ cd /opt/hyperglass-bird
$ python3 generate-key
Your API Key is: B3K1ckWUpwNyFU1F
Your Key Hash is: $pbkdf2-sha256$29000$9T5njNFaS6lVag1B6H2vFQ$mLEbQD5kOAgjfZZ1zEVlrke6wE8vBEHzK.zI.7MOAVo

Copy the API Key, in this example B3K1ckWUpwNyFU1F and add it to configuration.toml:

# listen_addr = "*"
# port = 8080
key = "B3K1ckWUpwNyFU1F"

If needed, you can uncomment the listen_addr or port varibales if you need to define a specific listen address or TCP port for hyperglass-bird to run on. For exmaple:

listen_addr = ""
port = 8001
key = "B3K1ckWUpwNyFU1F"

In hyperglass, configure devices.toml to use the Key Hash (in this example $pbkdf2-sha256$29000$9T5njNFaS6lVag1B6H2vFQ$mLEbQD5kOAgjfZZ1zEVlrke6wE8vBEHzK.zI.7MOAVo) as your FRRouting device's password:

address = ""
asn = "65000"
src_addr_ipv4 = ""
src_addr_ipv6 = "2001:db8::1"
credential = "bird_api_router1"
location = "pop1"
display_name = "POP 1"
port = "8080"
type = "bird"
proxy = ""

username = "bird"
password = "$pbkdf2-sha256$29000$9T5njNFaS6lVag1B6H2vFQ$mLEbQD5kOAgjfZZ1zEVlrke6wE8vBEHzK.zI.7MOAVo"

Start hyperglass-bird

# systemctl restart hyperglass-bird
# systemctl status hyperglass-bird


hyperglass-bird should now be active, and you can run a simple test to verify that it is working apart from your main hyperglass implementation:

>>> import json
>>> import requests
>>> query = '{"query_type": "bgp_route", "afi": "ipv4", "target": ""}'
>>> query_json = json.dumps(query)
>>> headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'X-API-Key': '$pbkdf2-sha256$29000$m9M6R.j9HwMgJGRs7f0/Jw$5HERwfOIn3P0U/M9t5t04SmgRmTzk3435Lr0duqz07w'}
>>> url = ""
>>> output =, headers=headers, data=query_json)
>>> print(output.text)
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