🌏 A map of places I've checked in on Earth.
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🌏 cheeaun.earth

A map of places I've checked in on Earth.



  • I want to plot all the places I've been to on a map.
  • I want a digital version of push pins on a physical map.
  • I want to show people where I've been to.
  • I want to see where I haven't been to.
  • I want to try Mapbox GL JS.
  • I like the cool maps from Gyroscope.
  • I need an excuse to get a .earth TLD, inspired by Conquer Earth. (I already have .life)


First steps

  1. Generate access token from Foursquare (requires your own CLIENT ID, etc; figure it out on your own).
  2. Create .env file, with environment-specific variables on new lines:

Wonderful npm scripts

  • npm run checkins - Fetch all checks-ins from Foursquare. Raw checkins.json is not part of repo because of privacy. checkins[.min].geojson files have shortened coordinates for privacy.
  • npm run countries
    • Remember to install SVGO first (globally) before running this.
    • Download a copy of country maps from Sn3b/mapsicon (Uses napa because it doesn't have a package.json). Then generate all optimized SVG countries.
  • npm start - Watch and transpile assets/app.raw.js, and start the server.

Deployment to Now

  • now for deploying as static site
  • now alias for aliasing to self-registered domain



Based on Can I Use: WebGL.

  • defaults
  • not ie <= 10
  • not Android <= 5
  • not BlackBerry <= 7
  • not ie_mob <= 10
  • not op_mini all

Go to Browserslist.


  • Make this available for other people. Self-hosted or hosted?
  • Date & time range filtering, for check-ins.



Data powered by Foursquare. Map powered by Mapbox. Vector maps are from djaiss/mapsicon and Sn3b/mapsicon.

Everything else...

MIT Β© Lim Chee Aun