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iScroll v4.1.5 - 2011-06-17

The overflow:scroll for mobile webkit. Project started because webkit for iPhone does not provide a native way to scroll content inside a fixed size (width/height) div. So basically it was impossible to have a fixed header/footer and a scrolling central area. Until now. Read more at cubiq.org.

Credits and Special thanks

iScroll is evolving thank to the help of all those who sent suggestions, bug reports and ideas on github, my blog and googlecode. This is by no means the work of a sole man.

In completely random order:

  • beedesk for bug squashing in the pull to refresh feature
  • Daniel J. Pinter for continued support, bug reports and for killing zombies
  • Aseem Kishore for help with the zoom functionality
  • Alex Gibson for continued support and bug reports
  • Christoph Pojer for ideas, suggestions and bug reports
  • Shimon Dookdin for help with wheel support
  • Will Bailey for commonJS compatibility
  • Aaron Infidel for bug reports and continued support
  • David Haslem for suggestions and bug reports
  • gingertom for suggestions and bug reports
  • David Alan Hjelle for bug squashing
  • All those who supported, linked, loved the iScroll
  • I'm sure I'm missing someone, sorry about that. If you helped in the script development and you don't see your name here, please drop me a line