A Mobile web app to list anime series for every season, with scores and stuff for easy comparison.
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Kanade is a mobile web app that shows a list of anime series for every season. It allows easy comparison of every series and lets you quickly decide which one to watch. You can compare the anime series by the scores, genres, episode count and cover image.

Kanade looks like this:


Technical Stuff

Kanade is primarily optimized for Mobile Safari though it may work on other mobile and desktop browsers as well. It uses the Kanade API for data. Scripts used are:

Development Stuff

  • Prerequisites

    git clone git://github.com/cheeaun/kanade.git
    cd kanade/
    npm install
  • Grunt tasks

    • Concatenate and minify JS files

      grunt uglify
    • Start a local server

      grunt connect
  • Simple app (web page + server) to search for animes in MyAnimeList.net

    node search/server.js


Feel free to fork and improve Kanade. One of the files that needs most attention is seasons.json which stores data of lists of anime series for every season, so contributing these would be super awesome.