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base fork: cheeaun/mooeditable
base: master
head fork: marcj/mooeditable
compare: master
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Commits on Aug 13, 2011
@marcj marcj Use a contentEditable'd div instead of a iframe, if it's supported by…
… the browser.
Commits on Aug 14, 2011
@marcj marcj Adding window overlay for the dialog stuff instead of using a small d…
…iv. Adding MooEditable.UI.Groupbox and MooEditable.UI.Panebox. Adding autheight for HTML5 contentEditable'd mode.
@marcj marcj Adding in MooEditable.Image new options (padding-*). Also add to this…
… dialog a groupbox, a panebox and more align options.

Selecting now the Image button in toolbar, when selecting a image.
Clears now the input fields when opening the dialog without selecting a
@marcj marcj Adding flying toolbar. Started with new usability of the toolbar.
Changed the displaying of the html button. Changed Demo/MooEditable.html
(In the future, there are all demos at once). Fixed small display bug in
Image plugin.
Commits on Aug 15, 2011
@marcj marcj Fix selection bug in firefox when double-click an element. Adding new…
… 'modify' tab to the toolbar, which opens automatically, when a modify action for the select tag exists.

Take a look in the MooEditable.Table class to see, how the modify
actions works. Fix small webkit bug when selection a image
(selectNode()). New option in a action 'modify', to handle actions for
the 'modify' tab. Calculate very poor the new position of the flying
toolbar (Need work here)
@marcj marcj Remove console.log 22352d0
@marcj marcj Fix button states, when working with firefox and clicking justify but…
…tons. Add ability to create own classes, which will be automatically be loaded. (Take a look into Table.js). Extend Table to have a better usability (not finished yet)
@marcj marcj Fix more selection bugs when dealing with p justify. d0e88f4
@marcj marcj Fix small single target selection bug in gecko/webkit. Remove console…
@marcj marcj In mootools 1.3 Browser.Engine is deprecated. :/ b7a955e
@marcj marcj Adding some usability stuff to MooEditable.Table. c272208
@marcj marcj Fixed and imrpoved cellAdd/rowAdd/colEdit in MooEditable.Table. Repla…
…ce all \t with 4 spaces.
@marcj marcj Adding removeControls() to plugin classes, to return html without UI …
@marcj marcj Change color of selected cells in MooEditable.Table 9da1df9
@marcj marcj Rmove console.log. When clicking on the toolbar, select the old range…
… again.
@marcj marcj Adding a active/pressed effect to the toolbar buttons 0a15489
Commits on Aug 16, 2011
@marcj marcj Added complete new usability stuff to MooEditable.Table. Fixed also a…
… lot of bugs in it.
@marcj marcj Fix two small selection bug in webkit and gecko. 11e2bbd
@marcj marcj Adjust the negative top of the buttonsbar c6b1156
@marcj marcj Add cursor: pointer to the tab buttons ec49c6f
@marcj marcj Change selected color of selected cells to the more correct value. da1f68a
@marcj marcj Fix small layout bug. Fix Ie8/9 toolbar focus bug. Fix bug where b/i/…
…u tags are not activated after pressing. Checks now always the state (checkState()) after pressing any key, of course with a delay()&clearTimout
@marcj marcj Complete a not finished line e2ee9c1
@marcj marcj Find now all tables to add the controls - after adding one. Change al…
…so some beauty stuff
@marcj marcj Fix typo in finding tables in MooEditable.Table f18b56e
@marcj marcj Small typo 25a2a39
Commits on Aug 18, 2011
@marcj marcj Adding new options dialogContainer and toolbarContainer. Fixed a bug …
…when initiate a mooeditable into a iframe.
@marcj marcj Changed the type of the toolbar buttons to 'button', it seems that th…
…e default is 'submit' which is false. Fixes cheeaun/mooeditable#50
@marcj marcj Adding 'delete table' action to MooEditable.Table. 95f28d6
Commits on Oct 31, 2011
@marcj marcj Adjust minHeight and fix some event propagation. 62d674b
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