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Javascript WYSIWYG editors

Lim Chee Aun edited this page Jul 13, 2017 · 29 revisions

I realise that some people modify this page multiple times and did A LOT of changes. At first, the page is at and I updated it many, many times. Later someone deleted it (accidentally?) and recreated the page. All history is gone and I can't even revert back to my own last revision. Then the title was renamed and break all the old (perma-)links, I have to create the old page with the old title to redirect to the new one. Some people even (accidentally again?) edit the page with random text 'asdfasdf' and messed things up few times.

I'm getting tired with all these "sudden and unexpected big changes". I just want a simple page with links to the latest WYSIWYG editors. I'm restricting editing to collaborators only for now. If you want your work/review/link/changes to be added here, please contact me on Twitter @cheeaun and let's discuss.



Lightweight editors

Heavyweight editors


Markdown/(almost-)WYSWIYG editors