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Phoenity is a whole family of icons, perfectly designed to be simple, modern and usable. It is available free for everyone, under the Creative Commons License or the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The Phoenity icons and artwork are created using Xara Photo & Graphic Designer (previously known as Xara Xtreme), GIMP and Paint.NET. There are two set of icons:

  • Phoenity Aura
  • Phoenity Classic (also known as the original Phoenity icons)

Phoenity Aura

Phoenity Aura icons

Phoenity Classic

Phoenity Classic icons


Phoenity got started as a decent theme for Firefox (formerly known as Firebird and Phoenix) on 4 November 2002. Initially, the Phoenity icons (now named as Phoenity Classic) are designed to be experimentally simple. Surprisingly, it became popular and ported to various other software.

Check out the pre-Phoenity site too.

Copyright (c) Lim Chee Aun. Dual-licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 and GNU Lesser General Public License.